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How To Create A Driver For A USB Flash Drive

Tutorial Name: How To Create A Driver For A USB Flash Drive  

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USB flash drives are small portable devices that enables you to transfer and store all types of data. They are also designed to plug into a USB port on your computer. USB flash drives are small portable devices that allow you to transfer and store all types of data. If you\'re using one of the latest version of Windows, your computer will automatically recognize a USB flash drive. However, Windows 95, 98 and ME don\'t support flash drive capabilities. When you install drivers from the manufacturer\'s website, it will enable flash drives to work with the operating systems.


Step 1:

Write down the name of the Flash drive manufacturer\'s name. This information is usually printed on the front or back cover of the flash drive.

Step 2:

Download the USB Flash driver from the manufacturer\'s website for the operating system that you are currently using. Save the file on your computer\'s desktop.

Step 3:

Insert the Flash drive into the USB port on your computer. Some Flash drives will display a red LED light, indicating that it has been inserted correctly into the USB port and ready for use.

Step 4:

Install the USB Flash driver on your computer. Double-click on the file name and follow Windows on-screen instructions. You may also need to reboot your computer in order to complete the installation process and run the new driver.

Step 5:

Test the Flash drive to make certain that your computer recognizes the USB Flash driver. Click on "My Computer" on your desktop. Then, search for the name "Removable Disk" and the drive letter that Windows has assigned to the Flash Drive. For example: "Removable Disk (E."

Step 6:

Select a file on your computer that you want to copy and transfer to the Flash drive. Right-click on the file name and select "Send To" and then select "Removable Disk" and the drive letter that is assigned to the Flash drive. Once the file has been copied to the Flash drive, make sure that all of the data contained on it has been correctly saved to the Flash drive. Click on the file name to open it and review the contents.

Step 7:

Close the file and resave it on the Flash drive when you\'re finished. Next, look for the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the system tray, located on the lower right-side of your desktop. Left-click on the icon and select, "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device" for the Flash drive that you are using. Wait until you see a message bubble that says, "Safe to Remove Hardware." Unplug and remove the Flash drive from the USB port. You should do this step each time that you want to remove the device from your computer.


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very detailed thank you for this man! keep it up