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AFL Live - Achievement Guide

Tutorial Name: AFL Live - Achievement Guide  

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AFL Live Achievement Guide:

1. Leather Poisoning
Description: Gather 40 or more disposals with a single player.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: Create a single match with any teams, but set the quarter length to 20 minutes. During the game, decide upon which player you\'re going to have get 40 disposals, and make sure you get the ball to them a lot. Be sure to check your progress at the end of each quarter. This is also achievable during the Legend season.

2. No 'I' in Team
Description: Play a co-operative match with at least 2 players on the same team.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: Solution: have a friend play a game with you on the same team or turn on a second controller and have the controller set to be on your team. You don't need to win for the achievement and it can be achieved with any settings.

3. Downtown
Description: Kick a goal from within the centre square.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one can be a little tricky. You\'ll have to get an amazing kicker to mark the ball in the centre square. Quite often you\'ll have to wait for it to bounce through the goals when it\'s close to them.
When I did it, I was using Matthew Pavlich from Fremantle. It\'ll recommend not trying to torpedo the ball, as it\'s fairly inaccurate.

4. Australian Made
Description: Create a player in the player creator.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: Go into the Footy Factory and select Create a Player. You don\'t have to modify anything, unless you want to. But if you\'re just after a quick achievement, keep pressing X until the player is finished, then exit back to the menu.

5. Kicked a Bag
Description: Kick 5 or more goals in a match with a single player.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one is very achievable in any amount of time. Just make sure the same player gets goals. If you aim to get the goals with the Full Forward of the team, it\'ll be easier again.

6. Fruity
Description: Kick a goal from the boundary with a banana.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: When you\'re kicking for goal from the boundary line, line up the goal, then hold Right Trigger + X until you\'ve got the power you want. The ball will curve around and hopefully get you a goal.
When you are on the boundary line, enter the goal kicking mode. Line it up like you would a normal shot, then hold down Right Trigger and then hold down X like you would with any other goal.

7. Talk to the Hand
Description: Break 2 tackles in a row with fends.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one does a little bit of skill. You have to press Y and the exact time you are being tackled, in order to break it, and then do the same thing again. You have to be using the same player for the second one that you were using for the first.

8. Shut 'em Down
Description: Perform 10 effective tackles in a match.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: For this one, make sure you are using the player that makes the tackle (using Left Bumper to switch players). If you get a free kick from the tackle, then that counts as an effective tackle. (Holding the Ball = Good, Too High and In the Back = Bad.)
Use the opposition as a second controller to make it a bit easier to get.
It\'s also easiest to get after the opposition has been told to play on. If you are using two controllers, run too far with the ball by sprinting with Right Bumper, giving them a free kick. Then, once the umpire calls for play on, run forward and tackle them.

9. Online Player
Description: Complete 5 online games.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one is easy in the sense that you don\'t have to win the games; you just have to play out the entire game. Do that 5 times and this is all yours.

10. Dancing with Your Sister
Description: Play out a drawn game.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one can either be accidental, or you can ensure you get it. If you wish to get it on purpose, just make sure that in the final quarter, the scores are relatively to each other, and within the last few minutes, the scores are equal

11. Slippery When Met
Description: Win a match in the wet.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: In Single Match, once you\'ve set up the teams, go to Match Settings and select a stadium other than Etihad Stadium, and put the weather to raining. Then simply win the game.

12. Storming Home
Description: Storm home to win without the opposition scoring a goal in the final quarter.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: During any game, when you reach the fourth quarter, stop your opponent from scoring a goal in the final quarter. This is most easily done on the easiest difficulty, with 3 minute quarters.

13. 50 Metre Bomb
Description: Kick a goal from beyond the 50 metre arc.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: It can be easier to get this one when your player is on the run, but if you have a set shot, the mark can not be taken within the 50 meter arc. Most forwards in the game can kick this if they mark the ball just outside the 50 meter arc, just kick it like you would any other goal. To get this from a set shot, get the mark from a few meters out side the 50 and kick away.

14. Poster
Description: Hit a goal post and score a behind.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: It\'s more than likely that you\'ll get this one by accident, from wherever you are on the ground. It won\'t take you long to get this one.

15. First Use
Description: Perform 5 taps directly to a receiver in a match.
Gamerscore Worth: 25G
How to Earn: When in the ruck, direct the ball to one of your own players. It\'s easiest to get when you have player standing directly behind you. Just flick the Right Joystick towards then once the controller vibrates. Rinse and repeat.

Remember to only tap the Right Joystick in the direction. Don't hold it there and don't move it in multiple directions. You will win the ruck most of the time if you just tap the Right Joystick.

16. Even Spread
Description: Win a game with 9 or more individual goal kickers.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: When going for this one, it\'s best to move your field around once one player has kicked a goal. Switching the most recent goal kicking with players from the back line and the bench will greatly help with this one. I\'ll also recommend doing it in a longer game, for Example, when going for Leather Poisoning. An easier difficulty also helps.

17. Chairman of the Board
Description: Create a full team of 40 or more players in the Footy Factory.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one will take you a little bit of time. All you have to do is go to the footy factory, select team editor, and create a team. Then, go to the Player creation menu. With every player you make, when you are naming them, at the bottom there will be a \'Team\' option. Put the new player into your custom team and then continue to create players until you have 40.

18. Attacking Pressure
Description: Kick 3 goals as a direct result of free kicks from tackles in a match.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one has been known to drop without goals being kicked (Out on the Full has been known to trigger it). The best way to do it is in your forward line, seeing as you\'ll be able to do directly for goal. Using a second controller that has no one using it will also help.

You need to keep the pressure on in your forward 50. To do this keep tackling opponents by holding down Y. Getting the free kicks is the hard part, but if you are having trouble with it you can make the qtrs 20 mins. This achievement will drop as soon as you've completed it.

This achievement is also glitched. Myself and others have had the achievement drop even if a goal isn't scored. I myself had it dropped when I kicked it out of bounds on the full.

19. Road Trip
Description: Win a game with an AFL team against an interstate AFL team at their home ground.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This can be done throughout Season mode, if you are good at winning games, but to do it in Single Match, put your controller as the Away side. Then select any team and make sure they are not from the same State as the team you wish to use. Then, select their home ground and win the match.
E.G. Richmond vs. Fremantle at the MCG.

20. The Professionals
Description: Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Professional, no simulating.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: This one is stackable with "Amateur\'s Hour". Create a season, using a team of your choice (Be warned, Richmond vs. Geelong and Carlton vs. Sydney have been known to freeze later in the season, so I chose Fremantle.)
Remember not to Simulate any game at all that your team is involved in. This includes selecting the other team and having the AI play for you.

21. Legendary
Description: Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Legend, 20 min quarters, extreme injuries, no simulating
Gamerscore Worth: 85G
How to Earn: This in the second most time consuming achievement in the game. As it says, play on Legend with 20 minute quarters and extreme injuries turned on. Once again, no simulating, or you end up wasting a lot of time.
A few tips with this, Spoil! A Lot! The AI will always beat you in the air when it comes to a contest. Only go for the mark when you are a few meters ahead of the other player. If there is a contest, Left Trigger + Y to spoil, then run onto the ball. If you have enough room to kick the ball, do so, otherwise I recommend hand-balling and tacking until you have the room to kick.
You\'ll only need 15+ wins from the season to make it into the finals, so there\'s no need to exit the game if you are losing. When you do reach the finals however, if you\'re going to lose, Exit and play again.

22. Amateurs' Hour
Description: Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Amateur, no simulating.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: See "The Professionals" for details.

23. The Beautiful Game
Description: Kick the ball off the ground to score a goal.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: When the ball is on the ground in front of your goals, hold X. Your player will soccer the ball off the ground and hopefully earn you 6 points. Fairly straight forward.

24. Nabbed It
Description: Win the Pre-Season Competition on Legend in real time with extreme injuries.
Gamerscore Worth: 80G
How to Earn: Start a NAB Cup on the same settings you used to get Legendary, and again, no Simming. To get this done just that little bit quicker, pick either Sydney or Gold Coast, seeing as they get paired with Greater Western Sydney and it gets automatically Simmed. This doesn't cancel out the achievement either, which is very handy.
See "Legendary" for a few tips on winning.

25. Hard Nut
Description: Perform 20 heavy bumps.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: To get this the easy way, create a single match and set up the opposition to be another controller. During the match, when the opponent gets the ball, run towards them and use the Right Joystick to bump them. I\'m fairly sure knocking the player to the ground counts as a heavy bump. The other bonus with this achievement is that it doesn\'t all have to be done in a single game, so you don\'t have to stress if you don\'t get it the first time you try to.

The easiest discovered way to do this so far is play with 2 controllers (1 on each team), keep giving the other team free-kicks and when they are lining up with the man on the mark, wait for the whistle to blow. When it blows, have a man bump the player with the Right Joystick. Repeat 20 times and the achievement will yours.

26. By Hand
Description: Win a match with more handballs than kicks.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: To get this, simple handball it around a lot. I\'ll suggest getting a few points ahead at first, then start hand-balling like crazy (using B). This is easiest on a low difficulty, but will also be achievable on Legendary if you play the way I have suggested. (See "Legendary" for those tips.)

27. Spoil Sport
Description: Perform 50 spoils.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one will accumulate across all your games. Just Press Left Trigger + Y whenever there is a marking contest and you\'ll get it soon enough. You\'ll more than likely get this throughout the Professional season.

28. Torpedoes Away!
Description: Kick a goal with a torpedo from 50 meters.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: When on the run towards your goal, or from a set shot, hold Right Trigger + X to kick a torpedo. (If you are near the boundary, it will do a banana kick instead, so make sure you\'re near the center.)
Also make sure you kick from a few meters outside the fifty, as I described in "50 Meter Bomb."

29. Lifetime Lagger
Description: Kick 5000 goals.
Gamerscore Worth: 80G
How to Earn: This one will take the most time achieve, and will more than likely be the last one you\'ll get. Just play through many games and kick goals like crazy. After all other achievements have popped, set the game to a low difficulty and play 20 minute quarters. The amount of goals you\'ll get in those games will get you well on your way. You\'ll also have a lot of goals already, from both season and the NAB Cup play throughs.

30. Hot Streak
Description: Win 5 matches in a row during a season on Professional difficulty or above.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: This one is easiest to get in your professional season, provide you keep winning games. Shouldn\'t be too hard if you are good at the game.

31. End-to-End
Description: From a kick-in, score a goal without the opposition touching the ball.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: This one can be a little bit of a pain, but it fairly simple on a low difficulty. When kicking the ball in from an oppositions goals (your back-line). Use Left Trigger + A to kick directly to a player on your team. Continue doing this until you get to your forward line and kick a goal.

32. Winners (are Grinners)
Description: Win a match.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: Fairly straight forward. Win a match. It\'ll be one of the first achievements you get, but can take a few games when you\'re still getting used to the game.

33. Playing Tall
Description: Win a ruck contest with the shortest player on your team.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: I\'ll suggest going for this when you have created a team of your own. Make a player, and make his position \'Ruck\' then make his height the shortest possible. Then, start a Single match, using a second controller as the opposition. At the first ruck contest, simply flick the Right Joystick to win the tap out.

The quickest way to do this achievement is to play with 2 controllers, 1 on each team. You'll need to substitute your regular ruckman for the shortest player on the team. Compete in the bounce up and without anybody controller the other ruckman, you should get this first attempt. Below is a list of the shortest players in the league. These were taken from each clubs website, many of the players have been confirmed by people with the achievement. Players that are confirmed to work have an astrix next to their name.

Adelaide - Michael Doughty
Brisbane - Joshua Green
Carlton - Eddie Betts*
Collingwood - Kirk Ugle, however Jaryd Blair* is reported as working
Essendon - Alwyn Davey*
Fremantle - Hayden Ballantyne*
Geelong - Matthew Stokes*
Gold Coast -
Hawthorn -
Melbourne - Aaron Davey*
North Melbourne - Matt Campbell, however Brent Harvey* is reported as working
Port Adelaide - David Rodan
Richmond - Robin Nahas*
St. Kilda - Adam Schneider
Sydney - Ben McGlynn
West Coast - Ryan Neates, if Neates doesn't work try Daniel Kerr
Western Bulldogs - Andrew Hooper

34. Chas
Description: In Season mode, a member of the player controlled team wins the Brownlow medal.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: Easily achievable if your player gets a lot of disposals and goals, especially if they are named man of the match. Just make sure you get the ball to one of your players a lot during each of your games.

35. Set for September
Description: Finish on top of the ladder in a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season, no simulating.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: Basically, win as many games as you can, preferably, all of them. Remember not to simulate any of the games, and you\'ll be sure to get this.

36. First Class Century
Description: Have a player in your team kick more than 100 goals in a season.
Gamerscore Worth: 80G
How to Earn: It\'s best to make sure your Full Forward gets a lot of the goals throughout the season. I played as Richmond in one of my seasons and had Jack Riewoldt get his hundred around Round 16 (before my game started freezing when I played Geelong).
The longer the quarter length you play with means more goals.

37. Got the Wood on 'em
Description: Defeat every team at least once in a home and away season.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: Fairly straight forward, as it says. Just keep watch on the teams you lose to however. If you do lose to them early in the season, and play them again later on, make sure you win that second game.

38. It's a Drubbing
Description: Win a match by over 50 points.
Gamerscore Worth: 30G
How to Earn: Easily achievable on a low difficulty, even in 3 minute quarters. If you have only just started playing the game and are learning the basics, earning this achievement will let you know that you pretty much know what you are doing. If you can win by 50 points a few times on either Professional or Legend difficulties, you\'re more than ready for the season achievements.


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