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ZHEROS - Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: ZHEROS - Trophy Guide  

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ZHEROS Trophy Guide:

1. First time on the battlefield
Description: Complete the first mission
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: Can not be missed. Just finish off Stage 1-1 on any difficulty and the trophy will pop at the end of it.

2. Savior of the galaxy
Description: Complete the game at the level of difficulty Normal
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: See True Heroes.

3. True Heroes
Description: Complete the game at the level of difficulty Hard
Trophy type: Gold
How to Earn: When you begin a new game, select Hard difficultly and play through the entire game until you beat the final boss in 2-8. Hard difficulty really is a pain in the butt as enemies do more damage to you and take less from you in return. You will really want to focus on using your shield to parry attacks and bullets/lasers, as well as just block attacks in general. Rolling to evade attacks and running away to get some breathing room is another thing that can help calm things down when you are getting overwhelmed.

When upgrading yourself or equipment, focus on the strength and gun areas first as the higher end combos help out a lot against stronger enemies and will help eliminate them faster. Use your gun as much as you can to try to drop the health of enemies' groups and the hardest ones; and once you defeat the enemies in one area, stand around and let the gun recharge fully so you can use it again in the next enemy section as it can be a huge help in each battle scenario. Last but not least, make sure to aim for the check points and use them to your advantage as when you die and restart at them, you regain full health & weapon ammo, so if you are near death when you get to one, feel free to let yourself die so you can start up there again with fresh everything. Once you finish off the final boss in Stage 2-8, the trophy will pop.

4. Not a scratch
Description: Complete a level without using any med-kit
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: Medkits are located in green canisters that are located throughout the levels. To get the trophy, you must finish a level without picking up any of them, which is easiest done on the first level as you encounter the least amount of enemies and shouldn't have any need for a medkit. To play it safe so you don't accidentally pick one up, try not to destroy any of the canisters and avoid fighting around them as well. It does seem like you must do this by starting the level new from the Main Menu (not restarting the level at the end results page).

If you are playing on Normal/Hard and struggling to make it through the level without the use of a med-kit, then just start a new game on Easy difficulty and play the first level as that should be a cakewalk. Once you finish the level without any med-kits being picked up, the trophy will pop.

5. Martial Artist
Description: Reach a 100 combo streak hitting the enemies without pauses longer than 2 seconds. Using your gun or shield breaks the combo streak.
Trophy type: Silver
How to Earn: There are a few different areas where you can try to get this trophy, but I'd suggest trying it on 1-6. After defeating the Space Cow, the elevator will stop and a bunch of enemies will drop down. Just round them up and do 3 hit normal combos on them (Square, Square, Square) and then stop for a second and repeat (this way you don't kill the enemies too fast). Just keep attacking a different enemy each time and once you kill one, a new enemy should appear. Just focus on doing the mini-combos and making sure that you keep enemies near you so you can start a new one on them. Don't worry about blocking or anything else, just keep building your combo streak by repeating the smaller combo. If you choose to do it in another area with a lot of enemies, stick to the same type of idea to build your combo streak without killing the enemies too fast. Once you hit 100 combo streak, the trophy will pop.

6. Bullet Master
Description: Deflect 100 bullets using the shield at the right time when the bullet is about to hit.
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: You use L2 to block. You need to hit the button just as they shoot to block at the right time and deflect the shot back at them. If you did it correctly, you will see "Reflected!" above your head and the enemy will take damage as well. Rinse and repeat 100 times and the trophy will pop.

7. Screenman Slayer
Description: Destroy 300 Screenman enemies
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: You will more than likely get this just by playing through the game as the Screenman are the low level enemies in the stages and they appear frequently throughout the game. You can also just keep replaying stages until you destroy enough as well if you choose. Once you destroy 300 of them, the trophy will pop.

8. Nowhere to hide
Description: Find all secret stars hidden in each level, there is a total of 18 stars.
Trophy type: Silver
How to Earn: (Collectible)

There are a total of 18 levels in the game (10 in Sektor Zero & 8 in Wilderness), each with their own hidden star. In order to obtain the star, you must locate it in the level and then finish the said level as well. Here is the location of the stars:

Sektor Zero:

Level 1-1:
Near the end of the level you'll come to a spot where you can either go to the right or go down. Take the path down and on the right side of the screen there is a red button. Hit it and the star will appear in the middle of that section.
Level 1-2:
After going through a gate you will come to an area with 2 electric floors with an open section in between. Go to the open section and then go all the way to the bottom of the screen to drop to the lower level. Defeat all the enemies down there and then destroy the boxes in the top left part of the screen and the star is behind there.
Level 1-3:
At the beginning of the stage, head all the way to right to where it dead ends and defeat all the enemies there but make sure to NOT destroy the boxes against the far right wall. After the enemies are defeated, use the boxes to jump up on to the higher levels and then follow the path all the way and up until you find a red button. Hit it and then go back the way you came until you see a section on the lower part of the screen without a railing and drop down to the lower level. Go to the left and the star will be right around the corner there.
Level 1-4:
At the end of the stage, after you beat a bunch of enemies, a rail will lower in the background so you can access further back in the stage. Head back that way and you will have to fight another Fang. Once he's defeated, take the path to the right and the star will be at the end of it.
Level 1-5:
After the checkpoint you will come across a bunch of moving lasers and electric floor grids. Once you get past them, follow the path up and around, eventually you will find a bunch of breakable boxes which the star will be hidden behind.
Level 1-6:
When fighting the Space Cow on the elevator portion of the stage, make sure you beat him while you're on the left platform (not on the elevator). Once he's dead, the door on the side will open, you just need to follow the path all the way to the left and the star will be at the end.
Level 1-7:
Near the beginning of the stage you will head up a path that curves to the right where there will be a bunch of crates. Go to the backside of them and destroy the breakable one and drop down to the level below. Head to the right defeating the enemies along the way and then take the path up and hit the red button there. Enter the elevator that opens and when you reach the top, head straight back to the spot you broke the crate at and drop down again. This time take the path to the left over the electric floor and defeat the enemies there. Once they are defeated, the star will be just to your left.
Level 1-8:
At the very beginning of the stage, head all the way to the right and then head up until it dead ends into a wall of crates. Go left behind a set of crates and the star will be back there.
Level 1-9:
At the very end of the level, after defeating the 2 Fangs, the glass over the lower section with the laser beams will move to allow you to drop down into, but instead of doing that, head back to the previous section and drop down the hole with the laser beams there. When you land on a pipe the star will be right in front of you (just make sure to not go down any further after you land on the pipe, as you will fall off and the level will end).
Level 1-10:
After you defeat all the enemies on the conveyor belt, then you are going to jump to a rock on the upper right side of the screen to progress. Once you reach a section of normal walkway, you will encounter a few more enemies. After they are defeated, instead of taking the walkway up, go to the side of it and jump up the rock staircase there to the very top and then go onto some pipes and follow them to the far right where the star will be waiting for you.


Level 2-1:
After crossing the bridge with all the enemies, jump out of your armor (if you still have it) and up the rocky path above you until you reach the star at the very back.
Level 2-2:
You'll come to a point in the level where you need to climb some rocks to get to the upper part of the level. Once you reach the top, head to the left and the star will be at the end of the path there.
Level 2-3:
After heading up a pathway, the main path heads to the right but there is a column with a small open section behind it to the left. Head that way and then climb up the boxes behind there until you reach a platform with the star on it.
Level 2-4:
After defeating a bunch of enemies near the end of the level, you will see a bunch of crates at the top of the screen with some of them being breakable. Break them and then run behind the rest of them to find the star.
Level 2-5:
The star will be hidden amongst a bunch of orange crates in about the middle of the train section, just destroy them and then collect the star.
Level 2-6:
A little into the level you will come across a rock blocking the path you need to jump over and a Glug enemy to defeat. Once the enemy is defeated, jump on top of the rock there, but follow it down and you'll find the star at the end of it.
Level 2-7:
After passing the first bridge in the area, you will come to a spot where you can climb up rock ledges to advance. Instead of doing that, head down and take the path that way. Just keep following it along defeating the enemies you encounter and eventually you will run into the star out in the open.
Level 2-8:
Right when you start the level, just head to the left and you'll run into the star out in the open.
After you get all 18 of the stars, the trophy will pop.

9. Ultimate weapon
Description: Buy all upgrades
Trophy type: Silver
How to Earn: When you start a new level, it will ask you if you want to purchase upgrades to your strength, shield or gun by using RPs. You get RPs by finishing off stages with a certain number of tokens (each stage has 2 available). Tokens come from killing enemies (blue diamonds), destroying orange crates (yellow diamonds) and collecting the hidden stars in each level. As long as you focus on destroying all the orange crates, killing all the enemies and picking up their droppings and collecting the hidden star, you should easily have enough tokens at the end of each stage in order to claim both RPs in it. If you don't, then just restart the level and try again until you do. You must get both RPs from all 18 levels in order to have enough to purchase all the upgrades. Here is the list of upgrades levels and how much they cost to purchase.

Strength (Additional Combos):
Level 1 - 1 RP
Level 2 - 2 RP
Level 3 - 3 RP
Level 4 - 4 RP
Level 5 - 6 RP

Shield (More Power):
Level 1 - 1 RP
Level 2 - 3 RP
Level 3 - 5 RP

Gun (More Damage):
Level 1 - 2 RP
Level 2 - 3 RP
Level 3 - 6 RP

I would suggest focusing mainly on the gun & strength ones as they are more helpful in the later levels than the shield upgrades. Once you purchase the final upgrade, the trophy will pop.

10. Perfect timing
Description: Break an enemy guard 100 times blocking its attack right before being hit.
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: You use L2 to block. You need to hit the button just as they attacking you to block at the right time and deflect causing a guard parry which deflects their attack back and leaves them open to attack. If you do it correctly, you will see "Guard Parry!" above your head and an bounce back. Rinse and repeat 100 times and the trophy will pop.

11. Sektor Zero
Description: Complete all the levels of the first world.
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: The first world is called Sektor Zero and there are a total of 10 levels in it, 9 basic ones and one boss battle on at the very end. The first 9 levels aren't much to talk about as they are basically just progressing through them while fighting enemies along the way until you reach the end. Use these ones to practice your combos, your timing for blocking enemies attacks and collecting tokens to get the RPs at the end of each level so you can start upgrading yourself. For the boss battle, follow the tips below:

1-10: Boss - Gano

Gano is a little troll/goblin/whatever thing that is riding on the back of a big mechanical dog like creature. The fight takes place in a round arena like area with health and power crates around the edges. Try to keep the fight near the bottom of the stage or at least away from the health kits so you don't accidentally pick them up when you don't need to, in case you do need them later on in the battle. Gano sticks to a pretty easy to follow set of attacks and can be defeated very easily once you get them down, especially if you try to stay on the opposite side of the arena from him until it's time to attack. All you need to do is avoid his few attacks and beat on him until he falls. His attacks are as follows:

Charging Attack: He will turn red and will charge at you, causing him to hit the opposite wall and stun him for a short period of time. As soon as he starts his charging animation, start moving along the outer wall and roll at the right time to dodge out of his way when he does his charge. If done right, he will not hit you and be stunned (even if he hits you he will still be stunned but you are less likely to get attacks in). Once he is stunned, you will want to run up to him and start doing a combo on him. You will only have a short amount of time to do one before he regains his wits, so land a few good shots and get out of there before he starts coming at you with the next attack.

Bucking Bronco: Is that what it's called? I don't know but it sure looks like it. After he's been stunned from the charge attack, if you are still nearby when he comes to he will be bucking his legs out and turning in circles (like a bucking bronco, hence my name for it) that will send you flying across the arena. How soon he comes to seems to vary as sometimes I landed 8 normal combo shots before he came to and others just 4. Just keep an eye on him and roll to avoid the attack if you can when he comes while you're still within striking distance. Again, he only does this one after a charged stun.

Laser Beam: This is his other main attack than the charge. His eye will begin to glow and then he will fire a sweeping laser beam from one side of the stage to the other in a circular motion. Once he fires the beam, start moving towards where it starts from and roll under it to avoid it.

Once you finish off the final boss of the level 1-10, the trophy will pop.

12. Wilderness
Description: Complete all the levels of the second world.
Trophy type: Bronze
How to Earn: The second world is called Wilderness and there are a total of 8 levels in it, overall use the same idea as Sektor Zero. Here there are 2 boss battles, follow the tips bellow for them:

2-6: Boss - Fuzi

Fuzi is an alien like creature inside a pod with 2 robotic arms and is a royal headache because some of his attacks are hard to avoid. Your best bet is to try to stay close and just keep attacking while watching out for his attacks and avoiding them as best as possible. Use your gun to attack him whenever you can as well, especially when you get knocked back across the screen from him. Also, try to keep away from the medkits while fighting so you don't pick them up prematurely because you will more than likely need them all for this fight. His main attacks are as follows:

Jump-Ground Smash: He will jump in the air and try to land on you causing a small area of damage around where he lands as well. When you see him jump, just run or roll out of the way from where you are and then after he lands, run back in and begin your combos on him.

Arm Swing: He does an attack that can come from either arm where he will whip it out in a sweeping motion across the screen in a half-circle pattern. The easiest way to avoid this is to be close to him when he does it and try to roll to the opposite side of him from where the attack is coming from, although you can occasionally roll towards the arm that is doing the attack as well and go underneath it (sometimes). If you're further away from him when he does the attack, it's hit or miss what will work as I've jumped over/rolled under before and it evaded the attack, but most of the time I got hit still, so this seems like the type of attack you need to be very close to him in order to avoid.

Nuclear Sludge: When you are further away from him (about half-screen or more), he will fire out globs of green sludge at you that sticks to the floor for a period of time and causes damage if you touch it. When you see him firing it out, either run to one side or the other to avoid, or roll forward or backward if possible. The attack isn't too bad, but if he fires off multiple globs, it makes navigating the screen and avoiding his attacks a little harder.

Combo Attack: When you are close to him, he does another combo like attack with his arms where he slams the ground and then sweeps out both arms bringing them together in front of him. The only way I've been able to avoid this attack is to have rolled behind him before his arms came down. If he hits you with the first part of the combo, then you are 99% going to get hit by the second part as the recovery from getting knocked down isn't fast enough. This is by far his most annoying attack for that reason.

2-8: Boss - Dr. Vendetta

This boss can be a pain in the butt, especially on Hard mode. He moves around very quickly and has a variety of attacks he uses that blocks/attacks you while you're in the middle of your own combos. The main thing is just to keep attacking him while trying to parry his attacks to stun him so you can get off as much of your combos as you can. The other thing is to try to attack him away from the health kits if possible so you don't accidentally pick them up prematurely as you will more than likely need them all to finish of the battle.

In the first half of the battle, the boss has the following main attacks:

Hat Throw: Every so often he stops and then throws his hat out that goes in a boomerang type pattern. You need to either run out of its path or roll away from it in order to avoid it. It can not be blocked with your shield!

Missile Drop: He stops and starts to spank his butt and then there are a bunch of red target spots that appear on the ground which missiles drop from the top of the screen on to them and they explode. Just run away and avoid where the targets are until after a missile drops on them and explodes. They can not be blocked with your shield!

Charging Elbow Drop: Occasionally he will charge at you and then go up into the air, followed by dropping an elbow WWE style on to you. Avoid the charge and then hold L1 to deploy your shield until he drops on you which will cause a guard parry and allow you to attack him for a quick combo.

Regular Attack Combos: He will do a multi-hit combo with his fists which you are able to block and guard parry if you time you blocks right, opening him up to allow you to combo him. This is his most used attack at the beginning of the fight, so make sure you are parrying the attacks so that you don't take damage and also can combo him without worrying about him attacking in return.

After you knock his health down about half-way, he then adds in 2 other attacks:

Ground Fire Attack: He will begin to glow purple and then hit the ground sending out lines of fire in a cross pattern from him. He will then hit the ground again but this time the pattern will be in an x (rotated from the previous spots). The last time he does will be a smaller area of both the cross & x pattern and fire comes up all around it. Just run/roll away from the lines and keep your distance until he completes the cycle before going back into to attack.

Screenmen: Eventually he will start to whistle and calls in screenmen to help him out. A group of about 5-6 will appear and start following/attacking you. If you have health, just ignore them as much as possible and focus on the boss as they won't do a ton of damage. If you have you gun available, a quick few shots at them should take them out if they are annoying you.

Just keep focusing on attacking with your strongest attacks & combos and avoid/parry attacks until he falls. Once you defeat him, the trophy for finishing the second area will pop.


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