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101 Ways To Die- Inconceivable Guide (3 Stars in All Levels)

Tutorial Name: 101 Ways To Die- Inconceivable Guide (3 Stars in All Levels)  

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Tips and Strategies

There are 5 different areas in this game (Including the training laboratories), each area has different laboratories (Levels), you have to get a 3 stars in each level in the game except the training laboratories (doesn't have stars) in order to unlock Gold Inconceivable trophy. In order to get 3 start in every level in the game you will have to complete both the graduate objective and the master objective on each level.

The game is all about killing Splatts (the enemies in the game) with different ways using different weapons, traps and tactics, and the way you do that is all about your plan on how you want to distribute your stuff so there are multiple ways to get 3 stars for each level. It's really hard to say what to do in each level but there are some tips and strategies will help you get them easier:

-Read the objectives before you start the level so you know what exactly you need to do and what traps or weapons you are going to use.

-Place your tools, weapons and traps very carefully and 100% accurate because if you put something in the wrong place your plan will failed, even the very little distance matter.

-Once you finish placing your stuff, you have to press Triangle and watch how it will goes then you will have nothing to do except if you have bombs or a canon to use in a specific time.

T-he timing here is the most important thing specially when you are using a bomb or a canon, you have to blow the bomb in the right time or your plan will failed, even if you late for less than a second.

There are 3 species of Splatts in the game:
1. Tank: These Splatts has Armour which means high health but they are slower than other Splatts. The Tank can take twice the damage that the Alpha usually takes and he cannot die from a single spike hit.

2. Alfa: These Splatts has average health and average speed. They cannot die from a single mine explosion.

3. Rapid: These Splatts are the very speed and but have the lowest amount of health as other Splatts. They are easy to kill but remember that they are too fast also.

Video Guides:

If you get stuck in any level you can always follow a video guide to learn more about the plans and strategies, here is a video guides with 3 stars in all the levels in the game.


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