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Aegis Wing - Achievement Guide

Tutorial Name: Aegis Wing - Achievement Guide  

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Aegis WIng Achievement Guide:

1. Rookie
Description: Earn 30,000 points.
Gamerscore Worth: 5G
How to Earn: This achievement is mildly easy. Easiest done on Co-op online. If you cannot earn it at first, the easiest way to earn it is to start the game on the first mission on normal difficulty. This way even if you die four times your team mates will be able to bring you back. It should only take the first couple of levels to get it.

2. Veteran
Description: Earn 100,000 points.
Gamerscore Worth: 10G
How to Earn: This achievement is pretty hard. Use the same method as for the rookie achievement, just make sure you don\'t lose a mission. If you are not good at scoring points and do not get the achievement by the end of the game, it may be better to try playing with just one or two other people so there are more enemies to kill. It\'s easiest to have your friends not shoot unless protecting you, and you\'ll get it sooner or later.

3. Ace
Description: Earn 185,000 points.
Gamerscore Worth: 20G
How to Earn: This is one achievement not many people have. It\'s extremely hard, but not by any means impossible. One of the ways to earn it is to start the game on insane with one other friend (two less people so there are more enemies to kill). If you and the other person are good you should have no problem beating the game, but dying at the same spot can become rather frustrating (that is why I say it is a hard achievement). For those who are very skilled at the game, you can try beating the game by yourself. If you can, even on normal difficulty, this should guarantee you the achievement.

Alternate method: You can also gain this achievement by using 2 controllers and playing on normal. Simply attach the second ship to yours and play through the game by yourself. Make sure that when you reach the last boss that you have 165,000+ points or you may as well start over. The last boss is worth 20,000 points. Make good use of your lasers by destroying multiple mines and enemies whenever you get a chance. Also pick up every weapon upgrade. These net you more points, so even if you have the Rockets or the Laser, still pick up the other upgrades. Also pick up all the health as well, even if you are full and the other "player" is about to die. Always go underneath the upgrades to pick them up ensuring that you get them and not the other ship on accident.

Alternate method 2: Although this method takes a bit of time you can do it by yourself on normal mode. Good if you don't have an extra controller. Play up to the boss with the spider hands that takes out red meteors, and have at least 100,000 points by then.

If you don't have the laser then wait because after the boss blows up the meteors, power-ups come out. (Try and pick up every single power-up and life as you get 50 points just for doing so). Blow up the red meteors before the boss does and get points for it. They will usually be lined up and a good shot can take out 4 meteors at a time. You'll get about 100-200 points each time.

Be patient and get the 185,000, if not, then get 130,00-140,000 and finish the game off. You'll get it before then.

4. Exterminator
Description: Destroy all enemies in a level.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: Easiest done on the first level with all four players. Start the game on mission one at normal difficulty. This is pretty straightforward and if you get some missile or laser power-ups you should have little trouble (you must also kill the enemies that come when the boss\'s eye goes white even though you do not get points for killing them. Just have two take the top and two the bottom as the enemies usually spawn on either one, and attach with each other for extra damage on power-ups.

5. Untouchable
Description: Complete a level without taking damage.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This achievement is a little tricky. Again the first level on normal is the easiest way for this one, get four players but don't attack, have your three buddies attack full-on while you stay back and dodge. If needed have one of them take the hit for you.

6. Immortal
Description: Complete a level without dying or losing any allies.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This one is a little tricky. Best done with a partner as the more people the better the chance one could die. Just start the first level on normal and attach immediately to soup up your weapons then detach for the boss and fire away!

7. Diplomat
Description: Complete a level without firing.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: This achievement seems hard, but is actually easy. To do this, start a co-op match on normal difficulty on the first mission. It is best to get some friends in the room that know how to play the game. Start the game and do not fire but dodge every shot and enemy. To avoid the little ones that try to run into your ship, just stay away from them and they won\'t go for you. As long as you do not fire, or run into other ships, you will get this achievement.

8. Halfway Point
Description: Finish Mission 3 on any difficulty.
Gamerscore Worth: 5G
How to Earn: Get this achievement by hosting a game on the third mission. Wait for the room to fill up and than start the game. You do not even have to play. As long as your party beats the mission you will get the achievement.

9. Epic Warrior
Description: Form a four-ship (Epic) formation.
Gamerscore Worth: 10G
How to Earn: This achievement is pretty basic, but must be done with four players. Just do Co-op online, and go next to another player and press X to attach to him/her, and have everyone else do the same. Once all 4 people are attached into 1, you\'ll get the Achievement.

10. Teamwork
Description: Score 10,000 points while attached in a level.
Gamerscore Worth: 15G
How to Earn: Unlike other achievements for this game, it is best to start on a latter mission because there are more enemies to kill. You do NOT have to be attached to all three of you allies to earn this achievement. Just go next to someone and press X and you\'ll attach to them, and then just score 10,000 points while attached.

11. Hero
Description: Complete the game on Normal.
Gamerscore Worth: 25G
How to Earn: This achievement may be a little hard in Single Player, so try co-op. You do NOT have to complete every mission for this achievement. Just start or enter a match which is on the last mission on normal difficulty, and as long as you beat that mission you will earn this achievement.

12. Legend
Description: Complete the game on Insane.
Gamerscore Worth: 50G
How to Earn: This might look intimidating but it's is actually very simple. Use the same method as you did for the hero achievement except enter a match on insane difficulty. Only difficult part is you start with no extra lives. So you will need to strive to stay alive.


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