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Perfect Discipline - D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

Tutorial Name: Perfect Discipline - D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die  

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Description: Completed the stunt scene with Amanda in the Prologue with a 75% stunt Synchro Rate.

Gamerscore Worth: 30G

How to Earn:
Try to earn as many PERFECTS as you can. A couple of GREATS is ok too, but you must earn more PERFECTS than GREATS. PERFECTS pretty much require instantaneous reactions to the quick time prompts. You\'ll get these achievements with practice and knowing what to press.

Take a look at the bar on the bottom of the screen, this way you can anticipate what prompts you must perform next. There are circles with blue and orange outlines. Blue indicates left hand (or LS for those without Kinect), orange indicates right hand/RS

Inside the circles are small lines, and at the end of a line is a dot, indicating the direction to where you must move your hand/analog stick.

There are other circles with a small body inside. For those with a Kinect, this usually means you must perform a push or a pull. For those with controllers, tap Y or press the LT/RT.

If you're using a controller and you see the upcoming prompts on the bottom that show which way to move the analog stick, hold the stick down in that direction a little before the prompt arrives on screen.


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