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Roger That! - Crimson Dragon

Tutorial Name: Roger That! - Crimson Dragon  

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Description: Activate your wingman dragon communicator and issue a voice command
Earn this in the Crimson Dragon Walkthrough

How to Earn:
This can be a pain as as you have to ensure that Kinect recognises you, mine wasn't as I was reclining so had to sit up and re-calibrate kinect.

Obviously you need to have a wingman in the game which you get around the 4th mission.

Raise your hand above your head in a mission and say either :-

Advance Forward
Fall Back

Depending were the wingman is.

Edited my spelling mistake as pointed out by The Radia

Edit 2 : It has been pointed out that you may have to put your hand on your head instead of raising it, I personally raised it above my head but if its not working try that instead.

EDIT 3 - From CTM AudiR56 - Press the two square "back" button on the menu screen to bring up a box that show a green stick figure outline of your body. Couldn't get it to see my hand until I stood about 6ft back and had my body fully seen in the center of the box. Then held the controller to my chest, and shot my right hand over my head and finally got it to come up. Held my hand in place until in mission, then lowered it and shot it right back up the same way to finally get it to show in game.

EDIT 4 - From MatrikzHH - Beware, that you have to use the commands in the language of your console. I'm from Germany, so I had to say "Drachenhhle", "Shop" and "Inventar".

EDIT 5 - From Darkest Nirvana - I stood about two feet back from where my Kinect was. Raise your hand straight into the air. Take a step towards your Kinect (to be closer to its mic) and say loudly and as clearly as possible the commands. Was able to do all of these with little trouble once I figured this out.


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