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Death from Above - Crimson Dragon

Tutorial Name: Death from Above - Crimson Dragon  

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Description of Achievement: Defeat 3 enemy bosses.
Earn this in the Crimson Dragon Walkthrough.

How to Earn this Achievement:

These can be found on:

"Coral Lake East - The Bloated Anomaly"

Baobab-O, Weak to Air attribute attacks.

Recommended Dragon: Anything will do here really, Your strongest dragon with an Air attribute secondary will be fine.

This fight has 3 stages:

Stage 1 has you dodging its tail and purple projectiles which seem to randomly fill the screen while you shoot out the bulbs on its back, fairly standard.

Stage 2 (This is the first time you experience Free Flight [I think...] So it can be a bit jarring.) has you needing to destroy different segments (Left Wing/Right wing/ Torso/Tail) of its body, once a segment goes black, you can no longer damage it. You can hit the Eye on its back for extra damage.

Stage 3 will be tougher as you can now only damage it by hitting the eyes, but this time it has one on its back, one on its belly and one on the front of each wing.

"Forest - The Shadow over Amara"

Caiman-E, Weak to Fire attribute attacks.

Recommended Dragon: Bloodskin, its Primary Lock on fire attack is great because it eliminates the need to look for the correct target, just lock onto everything and fire away!

This fight has two looping stages:

Stage A, the Dragons will all form up into a larger creature and although you can damage each segment, the HP bar will only drop from you damaging the Leader (Generally residing in the middle) .

Stage B, the Dragons will all fly around separate, again you can still damage and kill the other ones but the HP bar will only drop when you hit the Leaders (there are 3 at this stage, just look for the ones with the crests and aim for them.

"Lava Lake - The Litchfield"

Megazonaat-G, Weak to Light attribute attacks.

Recommended Dragon: Silvertail, its primary vision attack works wonders here, just hold down the trigger and focus on dodging.

This fight is probably the easist of the lot so long as you have a strong dragon and has 4 Stages:

Stage 1 has you avoiding Rocks and lava plumes (both are easily dodged with a Barrel roll) while you damage both his Claws.

Stage 2 has you avoiding mouth lasers (again, easily dodged with a barrel roll) while your destroy his Jaw.

Stage 3 has you avoiding the locational falling rock while you damage his torso.

Stage 4 has you avoiding mouth lasers and falling rocks again while your damage torso.


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