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How to Fix Nuketown Download Loop [JTAG/RGH/R-JTAG]

Tutorial Name: How to Fix Nuketown Download Loop [JTAG/RGH/R-JTAG]  

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1. Download the BO2 Nuketown Fixed Version [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

2. Download the program, Horizon [Use Google to find it]

3. Go onto the retail dash on your console and insert a USB drive

4. Go into Storage settings and format the USB

5. Plug the USB into your computer.

6. Open Horizon and go to Tools, then open a package manager

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7. On the package manager, hit "Open" and go select the Nuketown Fix file.

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8. In the top right corner of the package manager, there is an option to save to your USB. Save it there

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9. Unplug the USB from your PC, and plug the USB into your 360.

10. Go into the retail dash and move the nuketown fix over to your hard drive.

11. Use XM360 to Unlock the fix (Scan All > Show DLC > Unlock DLC)
NOTE: Depending on which of the above links you use, the fix may already be unlocked and you'll see that in XM360.

12. After you do this, load up BO2 and allow the Nuketown to "Download." It will recognize that you have the DLC and it will stop the download by itself and it will say the download has been completed. You will no longer be stuck in the Download Nuketown Loop.

Alternative Method:

1. Download the Nuketown fix.

2. FTP it over to the following directory on your console:

Content\0000000000000000\415608\00000002\(PUT IT HERE)

3. Complete steps 11 & 12 mentioned above.


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