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How to Mod Minecraft - Xbox One.

Tutorial Name: How to Mod Minecraft - Xbox One.  

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Welcome to this simple tutorial on how to mod Minecraft on Xbox One this is pretty old but i can not see a tutorial on it surprisingly but here it goes.

What you will need:
USB Device Or A Xbox One transfer cable

A Xbox 360 and a copy of Minecraft.

The modded save below.

And 360rev

Be sure That The USB is formatted to the 360 and copy any save over to it with your own profile attached to it.

When copied over unplug the USB and plug it into your PC or laptop.
Open up 360rev and find your save and copy the profile device and console ID's into notepad as you will need these in a second.

When you have noted them down open the modded save and replace the nulled ID's on it to the ones you just noted down and reshash and resign it. Save the file to USB and close 360 rev.

Plug the USB back into the 360 and boot Minecraft.
On the world select screen press the option to upload the save to Xbox One, When this has uploaded turn the 360 off and boot the Xbox One.

Now that you are on the Xbox One level select screen use the option retrieve Xbox 360 save and wait for it to download. Once downloaded you have modded the Xbox One version of Minecraft. Take a look below at the screenshots of what I've got on my Xbox One version.

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I didn't know this was possible on the xbox one. Nice quality tutorial.