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How to Install Black Ops 3 Compatibility Pack & TU

Tutorial Name: How to Install Black Ops 3 Compatibility Pack & TU  

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1. Go to the 360 retail dashboard, plug in a USB and then format it as a 360 storage device.

2. Go to your computer, load up the program Horizon, and then plug in your USB.

3. Open up the Compatibility Pack in HxD or another Hex Editor. Change the offsets from 234 to 237 with ff ff ff ff. Make sure to save.

4. Within horizon, open up two package managers (see Tools in Horizon) and then open the TU and the Compatibility pack in the package managers respectively.

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5. While the compatibility pack is open in the Package Manager, tab over from "Package Info" to "Contents." Right click and extract all of these files. Do the same with the TU. Move all of these files to the root of your BO3 game folder either via FTP or a USB & XeXMenu (merge folders and overwrite if prompted).

6. After you have move these extracted files over to the root for your BO3 game folder, you now need to move the extracted files that belong in the snd folder of BO3 to their respective places. As an example:
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7. From here, going back to your computer with Horizon open, save both files to the USB by clicking "Save to Device" within the package manager and selecting your USB.

8. Remove the USB and insert it into your xbox 360.

9. Now, go the retail dash, navigate to storage devices, and observe the files your USB. Move the TU and Compatibility Pack from the USB over to your console's HDD or other formatted storage device (this will create the proper directories and/or place the files in the proper directories). Feel free to remove your USB after you move the files over.

10. Lastly, go to XM360, Scan all, show DLC and unlock the Compatibility Pack.

Alternative Method:
1. Hex Edit the Compatibility Pack as described above in step 3 of the main tutorial.

2. Carry out Steps 5 and 6 from the main tutorial.

Use FTP or a USB (FAT 32):
3. Place Title Update in HDD\Content\0000000000000000\4156091D\000B0000

4. Place Compatibility Pack in HDD\Content\0000000000000000\4156091D\00000002

5. Lastly, go to XM360, Scan all, show DLC and unlock the Compatibility Pack


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