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South Park The Fractured But Whole - Get All Combat Farts

Tutorial Name: South Park The Fractured But Whole - Get All Combat Farts  

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South Park The Fractured But Whole - Fully Bloated Trophy / Achievement Guide - Unlock all combat TimeFarts

There are 4 Combat Farts in the game. The first 3 are unmissable story unlocks. So just play through the main missions and you'll get them (the last one unlocks at the end of day 4).

The last fart you have to unlock yourself! It's the Summon Fart that creates a duplicate of yourself.

First, go to Freeman's Tacos and buy the recipe called "Chocolate Memberito" for $30. You can do this after the story.

3 ingredients are required to craft it.

Ingredient #1: Tortilla
Can be bought from Freeman's Tacos for $0.25.

Ingredient #2: Ms. Catman's Double Stuffed Brownies
Go to Cartman's House and talk to Ms. Cartman in the kitchen. Do her side quest "Vigilante Marketing". It's a very easy one-step quest and waypoint markers will guide you through it. Ms. Cartman gives you the ingredient as a quest reward.

Ingredient #3: Bucket of Memberberry Juice
Go to Skeeter's Wine Bar in the north-west of South Park. Fartkour up the roof, push the dynamite to the right and blow it up. This will make the ventilator fall down and reveals a crank on the ground level. Pick it up and travel to Hillvale farm. There you can use the crank to make wine from berries.

Lastly, craft the Chocolate Memberito in the crafting menu. With this and the three story-related farts the Fully Bloated trophy / achievement will unlock.


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