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Dishonored Death of the Outsider - The Perfect Crime

Tutorial Name: Dishonored Death of the Outsider - The Perfect Crime  

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Dishonored Death of the Outsider - The Perfect Crime Trophy / Achievement Guide - Empty the vault without tampering with any security systems, leaving everyone unharmed and asleep [Bronze / 30G]

Mission 3
For this you have to complete the bank section in complete stealth, without killing/knocking out any guards and without deactivating any traps / security systems.
You are allowed to kill any and all guards outside the bank and be detected by them. Just inside the bank you must leave all guards untouched and cannot be detected.

Step 1: Head to the black market (marked as the optional objective 'Review the Contracts') and buy the Poppy Tincture for 800 Coins. This will make the missions a whole lot easier, but it's optional. You can earn the trophy without using the tincture, but it is highly recommended that you get it. To obtain 800 coins, simply pick up all the paintings or do contracts in previous missions. Each painting is worth 200 coins.

Step 2: Go to the bank's rooftop. In front of the bank there's an elevator. You need to go to the whaleoil refilling station on the opposite side of the elevator refill a canister there. Then insert it in the elevator console and pull the lever. After reaching the top via the elevator, use Displace to teleport to the bank's rooftop. Use the Poppy Tincture on the Air Duct and everyone inside the bank will fall asleep! Again, it is optional to make everyone sleep, but it certainly simplifies the process.

Step 3: Enter the bank via the rooftop. Head downstairs and through the door. In the main lobby look for an open window. Teleport through it and drop down to the office on the ground floor. Hit the red button to open the doors to the vault area.

Step 4: Go to the now open area. Avoid the electricity traps by teleporting onto the lamps above them. Then through the door. Clockwork robots will now patrol the area. Hide behind the boxes, use Foresight to mark all Clockwork robots in the area. Also using Foresight, put a marker upstairs behind the windows/fenced area where the elevator is (second floor). Keep in mind you are not allowed to disable the wall of light for this trophy! When the clockworks are looking away, switch to the Displace skill and teleport upstairs, through the windows/fences.

Step 5: Now slowly crouch upstairs to the top floor, hit the red button on the desk of the office and pick up the key to the vault.

Step 6: Backtrack a little bit to the elevator. Call the elevator to the third floor. Stand in the elevator, look up and teleport up to the attic. There's a trap here, again keep in mind you aren't allowed to disable it. In the back of the room there's a drawer with a lever inside. Get the lever. Near the electricity trap there's also a floor plate missing. Use displace to teleport onto the missing floor plate and drop through it. The marker placement is very important, if you don't place it correctly the trap is going to kill you. From here you can drop onto the vault. Loosen the 4 brakes using the lever and the whole thing will come crashing down.

Step 7: The vault will crash down to the basement. Luckily, nobody in the bank will notice it and they will just keep sleeping. In the flooded basement, open the vault (must have picked up the key in step 5), swim inside, loot the sword and leave the area through the sewers. The trophy pops after going back to the Upper Cyria area (immediately after the loading screen). You needn't loot all safes in the vault, only the mission-related sword.


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