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Destiny 2 How To Get Level 305 Power (My Complete Guide)

Tutorial Name: Destiny 2 How To Get Level 305 Power (My Complete Guide)  

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Destiny 2 How To Get Level 305 Power (Text Guide)

This is how I do it anyway and works for me so will work for you.

- Complete the campaign and do a few public events on the way so when you finish the campaign you will be a level 20.
- Farm public events Heroic's for a few hows.
- Do a few patrols and adventures.
- Complete all of your milestones.
- Complete the Nightfall, Raid.
- Play few games in crucible.
- Save you EDZ tokens and use them when you're at the highest power level.
- Complete all Exotic Quest at the end when you're at your highest power level.
- Make a second character, make sure it's the same as your first character.
- Go to your inventory and use a fireteam medallion
- Farm public events (Heroic's), and Lost Sectors till your level 20.
- Transfer your highest gear from your first character to your second character.
- Complete the Campaign
- Then repeat the process again, complete milestones, nightfall, quests etc.
- Make a third character, and repeat the process again.
- Delete Your first character, and make a fourth character.
- Repeat this process till your 305.
- This will take a very long time and will be borning but this is how you get 305
- Hope this helped


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