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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Tactical Movement

Tutorial Name: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Tactical Movement  

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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Tactical Movement How-To from an Army Veteran

This episode of ZonkyTheDonkey's Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Tips we will cover tactical movement and how it is one of the most crucial aspects of the game. You can gain overwhelming tactical advantages over your opponents by planning your strategic movements better than they did.

Some key Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Tips are
Safety vs Speed - how likely are you to die from the movement you are about to make?
Early vs Late Game - determining best course of action based on the point in the game
How far am I away from places typically parachute into?
Using Vehicles - Pro tip is to use them more in the early game to get to best loot zones, then move out on foot after the second circle.

I use gameplay footage from some of my recent solo/duo's matches to give gameplay tips and examples of the best ways to move for the average gamer.

One of the best Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Tips I can give is to constantly conduct "listening halts" where once you are in a covered and concealed position take around 10 seconds to take in a full 360 degree look as to what's going on around you. If someone saw you move to where you are, chances are they will probably be moving to get a shot on you and to figure out where you went.

One of the final Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Tips I'll put out is to get yourself in the best possible fighting position when it comes to the end circles with 10 people, if you can get your back to the gas behind multiple pieces of cover and get a little RNG on your side, you can set yourself up for success.


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