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Arcade Archives: Ninja-Kid 2 - Mark High Score Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Arcade Archives: Ninja-Kid 2 - Mark High Score Trophy Guide  

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Arcade Archives: Ninja-Kid 2
Mark High Score Trophy

Trophy Description: High score has been updated.

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide

For this trophy and Record Score you will need to break the high score and then upload the score to the online leaderboard.

From the games title screen press playstationtrophies.o...uchpad.png to open up the in game menu and then select the third option from the top by pressing playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png ; from here you want to change the second option to 4 and the third option to 20,000/50,000. This gives you 4 lives from the start and also gives you an extra life at 20,000 points and 50,000 points.

From there press playstationtrophies.o...s18x18.png twice to bring up a white information box, then press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to go back to the games title screen.

Press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to add credit then playstationtrophies.o...ptions.png to start a game, you will require a score of 30,000 or more to break the high score.

From the start the game gives you a choice of 3 options of where to start from, choose the box on the far right by pressing playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png when the finger is pointing at it. This is the easier of the three options and you will be able to smash the high score by the end of the second level.

For the first level you must kill all enemies to finish it. Take your time as you have plenty of it. Make sure you make it to the very top of the mountain and pick up the bunch of grapes at the top of extra points. Try to get every can that it dropped by dying enemies. Once the last is killed the level will finish.

At the start of the next level I would suggest making use of the games save feature. Press playstationtrophies.o...uchpad.png as soon as the level begins, press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png on the top option, then playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png again when the white information box pops up. You have now created a save game.

If you get down to your last life and don't look like beating the score simply quite the game by pressing the playstationtrophies.o...button.png button and then closing down the game. When you go to restart the game you will be taken back to the exact point where you made the save game.

From the start of level 2 all you need to do is navigate up a few steps to the fire ring pick up, once you have it just spam attacks with it and it should wipe out all enemies around you. By then you would have broken the high score so you can just let yourself die, or keep playing on if your really enjoying the game!

Once you have died and the game finishes a white pop up text box will appear, press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png here and your score will be up loaded to the online leaderboard.

Video Guide


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