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Arcade Archives: Armed F - HI SCORE Player Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Arcade Archives: Armed F - HI SCORE Player Trophy Guide  

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Arcade Archives: Armed F
HI SCORE Player Trophy

Trophy Description: The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "HI SCORE MODE".

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide

To get this trophy you must be playing the HI SCORE Mode and get 50,000 or more. This is very skill dependent, however there are many power ups in this level which should help you a great deal here. Pick them up and blast your way through the enemies, also take your time. I found that by rushing it, I made more mistakes and didn't see enemies until it was too late. You will also have 3x lives to attempt this.

Try to stay central/nearer the top than the bottom, as you can clear enemies out quicker. The quicker you destroy enemies, the less projectiles they can fire.

At the side there are vine like weeds. By destroying them, you will net 400xp for each one you destroy. Pick up power ups and spam playstationtrophies.o...s18x18.png For each enemy/snake killed, you should get 200xp. These should accumulate towards the 50k high score.

Once you reach 50,000 or more, you can simply just end the game by losing all your lives. You will then be prompted to enter your initials onto the score board. After doing so, you will then be prompted to post your score online. Press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to do so.

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