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Arcade Archives Karate Champ - Mark High Score Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Arcade Archives Karate Champ - Mark High Score Trophy Guide  

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Arcade Archives Karate Champ
Mark High Score Trophy

Trophy Description: High score has been updated.

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide

For this trophy and Record Score you will need to break the high score of 20,000 and then upload the score to the online leaderboard.

From the game's title screen press playstationtrophies.o...uchpad.png to open the in game menu, press playstationtrophies.o...adLeft.png on the top option once, this changes the game to easy. To exit back to the game press playstationtrophies.o...s18x18.png twice and a white information box will pop up, then press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to go back to the games title screen.

To start a game press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to add credits, then press playstationtrophies.o...ptions.png.

Controls for the game are pretty basic, the playstationtrophies.o...S18x18.png moves your player back and forth, playstationtrophies.o...es/lsn.png makes him jump and playstationtrophies.o...es/lsw.png is to block when your opponent throws a punch of kick. Pressing playstationtrophies.o...S18x18.png controls your punches and kicks depending which was you are moving playstationtrophies.o...S18x18.png at the time. It might sound a little complicated but it is pretty easy to figure out once you are playing.

The game will begin with a training exercise and your goal in this part is to do the same moves as the guy in red. Keep an eye on the 2 red dots at the bottom of the screen that are surrounded with arrows, the left dot represents your playstationtrophies.o...S18x18.png and the right dot represents playstationtrophies.o...S18x18.png Simply follow the combinations as they light up, your player will do the same moves the red player will do and you will get points for this. Once you get the hang of the controls it is easy to get 1,000+ points in the section.

Now its time to fight! In the next section of the game you will come up against your first opponent. You will notice in the top left of screen there are 2 sets of 3 circles, the left set is yours, the right is your opponents. To win a fight you must fill the top 2 circles. A head shot will fill one of the top circles, where as it take 2 body shots to fill a top circle, one body shot fills the bottom circle then on the second body shot it will fill the top. Therefore quickest way to finish a fight is score 2 head shots, this also scores the best as a head shot will score up to 1,000 points, a body kick around 200 and a body punch 400.

As soon as the fight starts press playstationtrophies.o...uchpad.png to open the in game menu and then select the top option with playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png A white information box will pop up, press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png again, this will create a save game and return you to the game. Now start the fight, when you score a hit save the game again. When you are knocked down press playstationtrophies.o...button.png to bring up you PS4 hub, the close the game down. Now restart the game, after the game loads press playstationtrophies.o...ptions.png on the title screen, then playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png on the controller layout screen and the game will bring you back to the last point where you saved.

Keep playing through the game, save after every scoring hit, exit and reload after every knockdown. The game will keep progressing you from fight to fight, they will slightly get more difficult but not that much. It will be a bit of a grind but a safe and easy way to get the required high score.

After every couple of fights a bonus round will be played which involves things being thrown at you, bulls charging you or karate chopping wood. It doesn't matter if you get hit during these as its just a bonus round. The easiest of these is the chopping wooden planks, try to time it with the bouncing sound and its possible to get a 2,000 point bonus if you can break them all.

Once you have broken the 20,000 high score and your game has ended, you will be prompted to enter your name and the score will be uploaded to the online leaderboard. This trophy and Record Score will then pop.

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