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Ape Escape 2 - Perfect Score Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Ape Escape 2 - Perfect Score Trophy Guide  

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Ape Escape 2
Perfect Score Trophy

Trophy Description: Earn a score of 50 in the dancing mini-game.

Trophy Type: Bronze.

Text Guide

The dancing minigame is unlocked from the Gotcha Box, to the left of the warp pad (where you enter levels from). By standing on the yellow pad in front of the Gotcha Box, ten of your coins will be put into the machine, and you can then use the Stun Club (blue sword) or Power Punch (boxing glove) to hit the knob in the middle, which will result in a ball rolling down the slide. When it reaches the bottom, you can bust it open with the Stun Club or Power Punch, and you will receive a random item, which can range from coins and cookies, to concept art and minigames. There is no way to pick and choose what comes out of the Gotcha Box, so you just have to keep spending coins on it until you receive the dancing mini-game.

This is easily the most frustrating trophy in the game, so be prepared to fail quite a few times. Once youve unlocked this mingame, you can access it by going to the Mini Game Corner to the left of the Gotcha Box and choosing Dance, Monkey, Dance. I recommend playing the tutorial first by selecting Guide to controls from the main menu, just to get the basic idea of how the game works. Its essentially a DDR-esque rhythm game in which you have to move the analog sticks to sync up with the music. Once you feel comfortable with the controls, you can play the actual game by going to the main menu and selecting Dance! > Dance alone (or Dance with a friend) > Dance Normal? > The Monkeys Gonna Getchu! > Song 1. There are other songs that you can unlock, but I recommend sticking with this one since its unlocked by default.

Once youre actually in the game, youll see your monkey on the left and the AI on the right, or if you chose to dance with a friend, your friend will be on the right and the AI will be in the middle. The music will start playing and youll see red arrows scroll down from the top of the screen, and you will have to push the analog sticks in the directions the arrows are showing, with the left arrow corresponding to the left analog stick and the right arrow corresponding to the right analog stick. For some odd reason, there is no on-screen indicator that tells you when to push the sticks, despite the fact that it was there on the PS2 version. That being said, you will have to learn when to push the sticks through trial and error, and thats where the majority of this trophys frustration comes into play. Below is a video of the minigame being played on the PS2 version.

Video Guide


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