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Among the Sleep - Completed Among the Sleep Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Among the Sleep - Completed Among the Sleep Trophy Guide  

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Among the Sleep
Completed Among the Sleep Trophy

Trophy Description: Complete Among the Sleep.

Trophy Type: Silver..

Text Guide

Story related, cannot be missed.

This trophy is for completing the game which will take you about 2-5 hours with or without a walkthrough. The gameplay is simple and consists of climbing, interacting with objects, finding key pieces, puzzle solving, and platforming. There are only a few difficult spots in which you need to hide from the "Slender" monster figure. Getting caught by this creature will result in a death that will take you to a continue screen. There is no way to get a game over because if you die then you can re-spawn again, just don't make the same mistake you made last time. While playing the story for the first time, it is wise to collect every drawing along the way because this will enable you to get all trophies in one playthrough. Be sure to keep the miscellaneous trophies in mind as well because they can easily be missed if you're not aware of them. To make things easier for yourself, I highly recommend that you follow this 100% Trophy Walkthrough video so you won't have to worry about missing any Trophies:

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