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Alien: Isolation - Mind Your Step Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Alien: Isolation - Mind Your Step Trophy Guide  

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Alien: Isolation
Mind Your Step Trophy

Trophy Description: Navigate Reactor Maintenance without dying.

Trophy Type: Bronze.

Text Guide

This trophy can be gotten during mission 14 when you enter the reactor maintenance to overcharge the Alpha and Beta cores. I will put the rest of the description in spoilers to avoid spoiling it on you.

Like all the other sections don't run, because that will draw the attention of the alien so use your flamethrower to fend off the Aliens and kill any Facehuggers. If you dont kill a Facehugger then it's an instant death as you are unlikely going to have time to reload your current save. If you die via a Facehugger then reload your previous save instead, you will be sent back further but you will still be able get the trophy.

If you wish you can also back up your save to the cloud so you don't have to replay large sections so if you die to a facehugger you can just use the save you backed up. Also burn any eggs you see in case a Facehugger comes out. After you escape the area and ascend the elevator the trophy should pop.

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