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Scribe's Champion Trophy Guide (Use 12 Titans in Campaign)

Tutorial Name: Scribe's Champion Trophy Guide (Use 12 Titans in Campaign)  

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Hi guys, its rubhen here with another trophy guide video. This one is for Pyre. The trophy that Ill be focusing on this time is the Scribes Champion, which is earned by using all 12 titans in a rite and prevailing when playing the Campaign.

Titans are modifiers placed on yourself and the adversaries. The modifiers always benefit your opponents and will always make it harder for you, but will give an increase in the experience you gain. Now 1 or 2 titan modifiers themselves are hard enough, 12 just is a nightmare at times. Some examples of modifiers include giving increased speed for your opponents, or a larger aura presence, and my favourite, always respawning quickly as soon as they are banished. This is imo the hardest trophy in the game and will test your capabilities, and whats the kicker? Well you have to do this trophy on at least standard difficulty. Yep no cheesing it on easy mode.

Now I got this one my first try as by the time I was ready to try this trophy, I had perfected the synergy between my team that I use and the tactics that I employ are pretty solid. So thats what this video is for, to give my tips and to show my run. Hopefully it helps you guys

Now to start off, I did this on the Hulk of Ores map, where the Pyres are placed diagonally from the center of the map. This is a great map to get this trophy as you can use the chasm to escape your opponents.

Next your team. Well I really wont tell you which characters to use as all you guys will have different playstyles and preferences. My favourite and most op setup is using Volfred, Bertrude, and Pamina. I rarely lose when using these guys, and have made a sound strategy with them.

Lets go over each character. Make sure to get all your characters to rank 4 or above to get really good masteries.
Volfred is there pretty much for only Defense. He is great to set a trap and can bounce aura casting by shielding himself. He is integral to my defense. Make sure to get masteries that focus on his saplings. As soon as the match starts, spawn a sapling on the orb spawn point or in front of your own pyre and have Volfred placed on the other side to protect the pyre.
Bertrude She is my main attacker. She is insane. Her pounce ability has tremendous horizontal coverage and her aura casting is pretty useful. Shes good really good speed which makes her a huge threat.

Pamina my second attacker. She is amazing really. I use her in reserve just in case Bertrude fails. Paminas aura casting is in my opinion the best as she is immune to attacks when casting it. Her flying is also very useful if you get her masteries that increase flying speed. She can literally fly from one side to another and drop the orb.

Now thats my setup. You guys can use any character youd like as long as you know how to use each one. You have to know their strengths and weaknesses. For example I know that Pamina can only dash twice before she loses stamina, so I usually fly and finish with a dash or dash once and straight into flying. Get used to your characters and their abilities.

Lastly never be aggressive unless you know you can bolt straight to the enemys pyre. The reason being the computer will counter attack you hard if you fail. Always be defensive. Lure the enemy into you own half, kill them, and then bolt to the pyre. Also its always a good idea to lure at least 2 enemy members into your half, and then bolt to the pyre as they will be preoccupied.
The rest is practice and luck. Thats all I can say about it. You can see for yourself that my run wasnt smooth but I was able to get lucky at times and also outsmart the AI.

Hopefully the tips I gave were useful, and good luck with this trophy as for many it will be a platinum breaker.

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