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Adam's Venture: Origins - All roads lead to Luz Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Adam's Venture: Origins - All roads lead to Luz Trophy Guide  

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Adam's Venture: Origins
All roads lead to Luz Trophy

Trophy Description: The adventure begins.

Trophy Type: Silver.

Text Guide

Story related and cannot be missed.

Episode 2: Oxford Dungeon

1. Grab the Grappling Hook that is glimmering in front of you on the crates.

2. Exit the cell and use the Grappling Hook to cross the large hole in front of you.

3. Proceed clockwise around the area and drop down 3 times.

4. Lower the grappling point bridge and then cross it.

5. Drop down twice clockwise then drop down twice counter-clockwise.

6. Head clockwise down the stairs then use the grapple point when you cannot go any further.

7. Drop down three times clockwise to reach the bottom.

8. Continue through the door that is opposite the 2 statues (the door between them is locked for now).

9. Continue up the stairs, open the door, then pull the switch directly in front of you.
10. Proceed back to and through the 2 statues (the door is now open).

11. Continue straight until you reach a wall. You should see a shiny object on the ground next to a skeleton holding a shield. This is trinket #1 of 4.

12. Turn left and head across the 4 grapple points. You can fall to your death here.

13. This area will be larger and you will see more grapple points. Before you do that, head to your right and grab trinket #2 of 4.

14. Jump across 1 grapple point and land.

15. You will see 2 flaming torches and another grapple point. Head to your left so that you can swing towards those 2 torches. You will need to get momentum to swing all the way across. Grab trinket #3 of 4.

16. Continue counter clockwise across the next 2 grapple points.

17. Head up the L shaped stairs here to find the last trinket, #4 of 4.

18. Drop down and head up the nearby stairs which returns you to the room with 2 statues.

19. Head back up the stairs opposite of the 2 statues where the large Dominus Illuminatio Mea moving plates can be found.

20. In this room are 4 pillars where you can place each of the 4 plate trinkets that you just found.

21. Doing so eventually reveals a map of the next location on your journey whereby you will unlock All roads lead to Luz.

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