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Aces of the Luftwaffe - Night Over Europe Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Aces of the Luftwaffe - Night Over Europe Trophy Guide  

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Aces of the Luftwaffe
Night Over Europe Trophy

Trophy Description: Complete all Missions of Chapter 5.

Trophy type: Silver.

Text Guide

Story-related and unmissable.

Chapter 5's boss is by far the most difficult part of the game, and will require some serious dodging skill, especially during the final phase.

I very highly suggest having your health and primary weapon both upgraded to level 4 on the Beast plane before you attempt this boss. It's definitely doable without but it's very challenging even with.

You will go through a number of phases with the boss, alternating between shooting his 4 guns and the front of the plane.

First off, take out one of his guns, then head to the far left center of the screen, to shoot at the front of the enemy plane. While there, you will have a small space in which to dodge the oncoming bullets and missiles. I suggest moving slightly closer to the boss, so the missiles will come closer to you sooner and then you can back up to shoot them more easily.

After you've done enough damage he will enter the next phase. Once again, take out a gun to push him through, noting that he will go to the top-left of the screen and circle around you (use this time to simply dodge). After taking the second gun out, he will say "Watch your six", referring to behind you. Make sure you're not at the far left of the screen when this happen, as he will run into you, causing instant death.

When the boss starts moving to the right from the left of the screen, note that there will be a repair drop coming from the right. I suggest avoiding it if you can, until you've made your way to the left of the screen. He will start shooting full-screen volleys at you, with small holes that you can dodge through. Try to take advantage of these three times, then make your way to the left of the screen. You can damage the boss during this phase, though it's not 100% clear if doing so actually helps in the long run, so focus more on not taking any damage, as you won't be getting any more supply drops for the rest of the fight.

After that phase, take out another gun, and the game will prompt you to "Fly up". Instead, I suggest that you head to the bottom-right of the screen. He will start shooting full-screen volleys again, but the area to the right of him is a "safe" spot. You will still need to dodge the exploding bullets coming from the 360 degree turret on the back of the plane.

Look for an opening in the bullets and when they happen make your way through them to the left of the screen to do some damage to the front of the boss. It will take a number of runs to get enough damage in to move him out of this phase.

The last phase is by far the most difficult. I was able to get to the final phase without taking any damage (I almost did this in the video below) but I found it impossible to not get hit at all in the last phase (I'm sure it's technically possible but would be extremely difficult). After you take out the last gun, the boss will start firing large bursts of green which explode into many bullets which fly out in all directions. Basically, you want to be as far away from their point of explosion as possible so you can squeeze through a hole in them. It's very difficult to get damage in while also dodging these bullets so I suggest playing it safe and damaging him only when you find an opportune moment.

Do enough damage to the front of the boss and he will explode in the typical fashion, rewarding you with 1,000+ medals (nice!).

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