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ACA NeoGeo Fatal Fury - HI SCORE Player Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: ACA NeoGeo Fatal Fury - HI SCORE Player Trophy Guide  

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ACA NeoGeo Fatal Fury
HI SCORE Player Trophy

Trophy description: The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "HI SCORE MODE".

Trophy type: Gold.

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Note: While playing Hi Score Mode you can not pause the game, pressing [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] will bring up an options menu but you will lose all progress on the current play through and will have to start again.

For this trophy you will have to play the game in HI Score Mode. In this version, save games, continues and the ability to alter the game options have been removed.

The score you need to beat is 100,000, this isn't that difficult. If you are a regular for this genre of game you will most likely not have a problem with getting the score required. Once you figure out what works best with each of the enemies its pretty simple. Below are some general game tips and the strategy I used for each of the 4 fights on the way to 100,000 points:

JOE HIGASHI - First off select Joe Higashi as your character (the one on the left). I found him to be the easiest to use, he seems to have the best slide kick, a move you will find very useful. I don't use his special move at any stage. If you find another character or strategies that work better for you, then use them.

  • Select DUCK KING as your first fight, he is the one in the bottom left on the map selection screen. By starting with him your 4th fight will be against Tung Fu Rue and I found him to be the most difficult. You will almost have the required 100,000 points by your 4th fight, meaning you will only need to win 1 round against Tung Fu Rue.

PERFECT ROUNDS - To get 100,000 points in 4 fights you will need a PERFECT ROUND or 2, this is when you beat your opponent without taking any damage yourself. You will get a 10,000 bonus per round for doing this. While its easy to say "Just do this every time", its not realistic and most people wont be able to do this. If you can do this twice in 4 fights though it will help a lot. I suggest making sure you get at least one in your first fight and if you finish the fight without one, then just restart the game. You are only at the start and are not really loosing to much progress, it's worth it to make sure you start off with at least one PERFECT.

DUCK KING - At first I really struggled with this guy until I found the throw button. Pressing [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] while moving forward towards your opponent will grab them and throw them, taking a decent amount of energy off. Duck is a sucker for this move. From the start, just wait and see what he is going to do as sometimes he will start will a spin move or jump kick. He jump kicks a lot. Once he has made his first move jump in next to him and press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to do a throw move. Now just following him around as you throw him spamming [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . I found this to be the best and quickest.

RICHARD MYER - Once again the throw move morks great here. Once you get him in a spam throwing cycle its easy to finish him off. 2 moves of his that cause the most trouble are his hand stand and when he hangs from the roof. For the handstand, just press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] then [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to do a slide kick and knock him out of his handstand. For the roof hang, simply press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] again and just wait for him to jump down, then slide kick by pressing [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] just as he lands to knock him down.

MICHAEL MAX - You are unable to do a throw move on this guy, he is to big and you can't grab him. The best strategy is jump kicks and slide kicks. Do not stay to long in front of him as he has a tendency to spam his tornadoes. Jump kick, to slide kick, then jump out and do it all over again.

TUNG FU RUE - To start off the throw move is best with this guy, you will be able to throw him twice before he does his hulk thing and changes. Once he changes to his bigger version you won't be able to throw him. During his bigger version phase, keep your distance as he will do one of 2 moves, a spinning fly kick that you can duck under, or a flame kick which you can jump over. After that spam slide kicks until he changes back to his old man body. Then go back to throwing him.

By the end of the 4th fight you should have 100,000+ points, enough to be added to the online rankings. Simply let yourself get beaten or keep playing until it happens naturally, your choice.

Once your game ends you will be prompted to upload your scores and the trophy will pop.

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