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10 Second Ninja X - STOP - HE'S ALREADY DEAD! Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: 10 Second Ninja X - STOP - HE'S ALREADY DEAD! Trophy Guide  

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10 Second Ninja X

Trophy Description: Score 15,000 points playing TOTC

Trophy Type: Bronze.

Text Guide

Possibly glitched for Vita users. After fulfilling the requirements for the Think of the Children, youll be able to play the TOTC minigame in the Greatbeard Arcade room. Score 15000 points to earn this trophy.

The minigame can be tough at 1st but youll get the hang of it in a few tries. Ill list some helpful reminders:

- Pick up all orange gems you see: they fill a gauge at the bottom of the screen which unlocks a special attack that kills every enemy on the screen (press playstationtrophies.o...es/L_1.png + playstationtrophies.o...es/R_1.png to use it). Use this attack only when you are about to die or, more preferably, when you have scored 13000-14000 points to quickly get closer to those 15000 points. Keep in mind that any gem you pick up after filling the gauge will net you 500 points and this is the reason why you dont want to use the special attack off the bat;
- If the screen is crowded and you need to jump, hold playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.pngfor an uppercut instead of normally jumping: not only will you jump higher but youll also destroy any bullet from the above ships that may damage you;
- While midair, never press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png and land by slamming (press playstationtrophies.o...s18x18.png while midair) and, if the ground is crowded, press playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png once or twice upon landing: doing this will definitely help you stay out of harms way;
- Avoid bouncing off the armored enemies at all costs: if you punch or touch these enemies youll bounce off and youll likely be damaged by other enemies or bullets; either ignore these guys or kill them with an uppercut or by slamming while midair.

If you are playing the Vita version and this trophy doesn't pop after scoring 15000 points, it should pop after you score 15000 points for the 2nd time.

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