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War Gods

Tutorial Name: War Gods  

Category: Nintendo 64 Cheat Codes

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Infinite credits
At the title screen, press C-Left(2), Right, A, B, C-Up, C-Right. Then, enter the options menu and highlight the "Continues" selection. Now press Left until the word "Freeplay" appears.

Play as Grox
On the character selection screen, press Down, Right, Left(2), Up, Down, Right, Up, Left(2), then choose any fighter.

Play as Exor
On the character selection screen, press Left, Down(2), Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, then choose any fighter.

Random character select
At the character selection screen, press Up + Start.

Cheat menu
At the blue screen with the phrase "Midway Presents War Gods", press Right(3), B(2), A(2). Note: This should be completed before the start and option selections appear at the title screen. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash and the phrase "Oh, too easy" will be spoken. Then, a cheat menu selection will appear in the option menu with the following choices:

Game timer
Toggles the game timer.

Easy fatalities
When enabled, press A + B + C-Top + C-Right to execute any characters fatality.

Player one skill
Adjusts the amount of damage player one can endure.

Player two skill
Adjusts the amount of damage player two can endure.

Level select
Choose a specific arena.

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