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Airblade CheatCodes

Tutorial Name: Airblade CheatCodes  

Category: PlayStation 2 Cheat Codes

Submitted By: Luke

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Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On)
0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
0C1A6183 F88DDC7F

Infinite Boost 2C27A5A9 F8FC3F7E

Infinite Time 3C2A3E97 BBFCFEFE

Super Score 2C27A6A1 F8FC02BC

Hideaway Low Time 3C29B28B F8FCFEFE

Hideaway 0 Falls 2C29B28F F8FCFEFE

Hideaway 99 Best Combo 2C29B293 F8FCFE53

Hideaway Super Score 3C29B297 4C3EC03A

Hideaway Grade A 2C29B29B F8FCFEF1

Unlock Downtown Level 3C29B287 F8FCFEF1

Downtown Low Time 3C29B2A3 F8FCFEFE

Downtown 0 Falls 2C29B2A7 F8FCFEFE

Downtown 99 Best Combo 2C29B2AB F8FCFE53

Downtown Super Score 3C29B2AF 4C3EC03A

Downtown Grade A 2C29B2B3 F8FCFEF1

Unlock Industrial Level 3C29B29F F8FCFEF1

Industrial Low Time 3C29B2BB F8FCFEFE

Industrial 0 Falls 2C29B2BF F8FCFEFE

Industrial 99 Best Combo 2C29B2C3 F8FCFE53

Industrial Super Score 3C29B2C7 4C3EC03A

Industrial Grade A 2C29B2CB F8FCFEF1

Unlock Storage Level 2C29B2B7 F8FCFEF1

Storage Low Time 3C29B3D3 F8FCFEFE

Storage 0 Falls 2C29B3D7 F8FCFEFE

Storage 99 Best Combo 2C29B3DB F8FCFE53

Storage Super Score 3C29B3DF 4C3EC03A

Storage Grade A 2C29B3E3 F8FCFEF1

Unlock Corporate HQ Level 2C29B3CF F8FCFEF1

Corporate HQ Low Time 3C29B3EB F8FCFEFE

Corporate HQ 0 Falls 2C29B3EF F8FCFEFE

Corporate HQ 99 Best Combo 2C29B3F3 F8FCFE53

Corporate HQ Super Score 3C29B3F7 4C3EC03A

Corporate HQ Grade A 2C29B3FB F8FCFEF1

Unlock Penthouse HQ Level 2C29B3E7 F8FCFEF1

Penthouse HQ Low Time 3C29B303 F8FCFEFE

Penthouse HQ 0 Falls 2C29B307 F8FCFEFE

Penthouse HQ 99 Best Combo 2C29B30B F8FCFE53

Penthouse HQ Super Score 3C29B30F 4C3EC03A

Penthouse HQ Grade A 2C29B313 F8FCFEF1


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