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Horizon Zero Dawn - All Allies Joined Trophy Guide (Ally Loc

Tutorial Name: Horizon Zero Dawn - All Allies Joined Trophy Guide (Ally Loc  

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Horizon Zero Dawn - All allies joined Trophy Guide - Given Aloy's actions, all possible optional allies joined the defense. [Bronze]

UPDATE: Dialogue choices do not matter. You don't have to choose heart. Feel free to choose fist or brain, it doesn't affect allies.


Play up until the main quest The Looming Shadow. This is main quest #21 and the final mission of the game (can check progress in notebook stats).

Before doing the first objective of The Looming Shadow, go and do the following 11 side quests:

- Traitors Bounty + Queens Gambit
- A Moments Peace
- A Daughters Vengeance
- Sun and Shadow
- Honor the Fallen
- Sunstone Rock
- Hunting For the Lodge + Hunters Blind + Deadliest Game + Redmaw

If any quests are unavailable its because you havent progressed far enough in the story. They will all be available by the time you reach The Looming Shadow. If you run into a quest earlier feel free to complete it. Once all 11 side quests are done go do The Looming Shadow main quest. You get the objective to go to bed before the final battle. This unlocks the trophy during a cutscene when Aloy is sleeping.

After completing the last mission it will put you back before the Looming Shadow quest and it can be replayed as many times as you want. So if you missed a side quest its no problem. You can still do those after the final mission and then replay it.


1. Aluki
2. Elida
3. Teb
4. Vanesha
5. Uthid
6. Nakoa
7. Janeva
8. Petra
9. Sona
10. Varl
11. Namman
12. Erend
13. Talanah

You can go talk to all of them before the final battle. You'll get two optional objectives to visit both defense sites (Spire and Ridge). The allies can be found there.

*Dialogue choices do not affect this trophy. Personally, I always chose heart, so that's what I tested and confirmed to be working. The developers have since confirmed that dialogue choices do not affect the trophy.

*Killing Nil in side quest Cause for Concern does not impact the trophy. He doesnt count as an ally. The trophy unlocked for me despite killing Nil. The characters that you can kill don't count as allies.


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