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How To Bypass Jailbreak Detection On Apps

Tutorial Name: How To Bypass Jailbreak Detection On Apps  

Category: iOS Jailbreak Tutorials

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How to bypass jailbreak detection on most apps!

Have you ever ran into the problem, when you jailbreak your phone and run into the issue where an app crashes upon clicking it? Well with this tweak you can totally bypass this issue!

The tweak I am referring to is tsprotector 8+! What is tsprotector? Like stated above tsprotector protects your apps from jailbreak detection.

Well How Do I Install It?

Like my other tweak tutorial, this tweak is super simple to install also. All you have to do is open Cydia and seach tsprotector 8+. It should instantly pop up with the correct tweak, as it is on the bigboss repo. Once installed you should be granted with a new settings tab in your settings app, and then have the ability to enable it and select the apps that are giving you troubles.

How Do I Filter An App So I Can Play It While Jailbroken?

In the settings tab, just click Black List Apps and select the app that you want to be blacklisted. Respring your device and the app should be working like usual!

**This tweak has worked on all apps I have tried it on. The apps include Super Mario Run, Uber, Snapchat, and 8 Ball Pool!**


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Nice tutorial! Just a shame it doesn't work with PayPal or my online banking :(