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Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Scrap Brain Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Scrap Brain Zone  

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=============================Scrap Brain Zone==================================

| Act 1 |

Start by collection the five rings at the start. As you continue you see what
would be a falling or crumbling platform. Ill call them Opening Platforms.
Well dont risk it on these; they open instantaneously. Just jump over them.
After another one of those, youll find Fire Valves, they act just like Tridents
from the Labyrinth Zone, rising and lowering. Pass the first, take out a
Caterkiller (Long time no see!) and then avoid another one. There is a spinning
ball with a hole in it. Press the switch to the left of it and enter it.

Move forward pass a Fire Valve and a Caterkiller into a. Youll enter the
underground part of his lair. Youll be on a metal rectangle that moves down,
pushes in, moves up and comes out. Basically, when it lowers, there will be a
small gap. Run through it the very end of the opening to avoid being crushed,
and when it rises, another gap will appear, run through it. Repeat the process
twice more and youll enter a hallway with two Caterkillers and a new obstacle.
I call it the Electrocuting Machine.

On either sides of the machine, a bolt of electricity is released. Roll under
them and take out a Caterkiller. Youll enter a pit that looks impossible to
get out of. Jump, and a platform will appear out of thin air. Jump again and
another will appear. Keep doing this until you reach the top. At the top, to
the left is a Shield Capsule. Make sure you get it. Go to the right and youll
find, between two Electrocuting Machines, is the checkpoint.

Jump over the Machines and down the steps. Youll find a Conveyor Belt like the
ones from The Labyrinth Zone. Jump on a brick and at the top, jump forward; a
platform will appear. Two more will appear after that. After the Appearing
Platforms, you reach a ledge. To the right is an Opening Platform and a
Caterkiller, avoid both and enter a tube (Like the ones from the Green Hill
Zone.). This next part is tricky.

There is a low roof and two Opening Platforms. When they open, jump onto them
(they should close before you land on them) and quick jump to the next platform.
Ahead is a switch, press it, then quickly jump up onto the two Removing
Platforms (A lot of weird platform names in this game huh? Wait, those are
and through the barrier before your time runs out. Go right and youll see a
part that looks hard. Well, it isnt. Just fall through by walking on it;
dont try to get past it.

Drop down onto another Conveyor Belt. At the top of first one, jump to reach
the second and from there, jump onto the crumbling platform and quickly get on
the stable ledge. Above you is a weird enemy called a Ballhog. It is a robotic
pig that spews out balls that hurt you. Take it out, then go to the right to
get three Super Ring Capsules!

Jump to where the Ballhog was and run up. Jump again to the higher ledge and
youll find another Ballhog. Take him out and keep going up. Youll find
another two next to a Fire Valve at the end. Destroy the hogs and jump over the
Valve. Keep going and youll reach the Robotnik Sign. By the way, even if by
some miracle you do have fifty rings, there are no special stages in the Scrap
Brain Zone. Good luck in the next Act.

| Act 2 |

Notice that there is a different background from before and that this Act seems
to be set indoors. Anyway, collect the six rings at the start. There is a Fire
Valve blocking an Appearing Platform. Jump onto the Platform before the fire
starts up and from there jump onto the spinning wheel. Youll spin with it
until you jump, even upside-down. Jump from one wheel to the other. When you
reach the very top, jump onto a switch to activate a small platform. Jump on it
and into the hallway. Go quickly; the platform eventually disappears. Up next
there is an Opening Platform with a low ceiling.

Jump when its open and land when its not. Cross it and avoid the red spring
at the end. On the roof there are Electrocuting Machines. Tap the jump button
to get on the higher step, then tap it again. If hold it, youll be
electrocuted. Walk forward and avoid the Fire Valves. On the ceiling are
Hanging Boombots. Wait until they explode to get on the spinning wheel to the
right. In the bottom left hand corner is a Super Ring Capsule and in the upper
right hand corner youll find a Shield Capsule. Also in the upper right hand
corner is the hallway exit youll be taking. Inside there are conveyor belts
with no bricks on them.

Get on one of the treads and avoid the swinging chain ball obstacle above. It
is easy to avoid. The Chain Ball only hits on the ends of the tread and does
not touch the center. Get to the center, watch out while exiting, and get onto
the next. The next moves you back with quite a force. Jump to get into the
center, and then jump to get out. Time it right when you jump; the next
conveyor belt zips you forward, and with good timing and landing skills, youll
make it through easy. Ahead of that youll find three rings and a tube. Enter
the tube and start the ride. Youll go down a level and start going left.

Escape a Fire Valve and start on the treads of the Conveyor Belt. This time you
have to worry about being crushed. These are Crushers only faster. Simple to
avoid, depending on which Conveyor Belt. After that, youll find some rings and
an Electrocuting Machine, as well another tube. Get in and lower yourself even
further. Avoid a Fire Valve and a Caterkiller from the start, and get the five
rings hovering above you. After that is an Appearing Platform series over a
To the right is a Slicing Mechanism. They are pretty slow, fortunately. At the
end one is fired at you from the ground.

It is a pretty cheap move, but then again, were playing Sonic the Hedgehog.
Get in the tube and go up for a change. A big Chain Ball is swinging above you,
so wait a little, and then jump over the Fire Valve. Up next, go down the lower
path. Youll want to avoid an Anti-Fire Valve (One that comes from the roof)
and a Caterkiller. Keep going down, avoid the three Chain Balls swinging
overhead, and get to the Robotnik Sign! One act before your encounter with
Robotnik! Youll see a small cinema where Robotnik presses a switch and sends
you to the third act.

| Act 3 |

For the final act of the Scrap Brain Zone, this isnt too hard. There is a
major short cut. I hate this act; it is like a polluted version of the
Labyrinth Zone. Anyway, press the switch and quickly get under the platform
before it stops. This is a major shortcut.

Press the switch to the left and jump into the water (Note that the water is
purple, Robotnik must be a pig!). Avoid the Tridents as you go down and the
Chain Balls swinging when you go to the right. Jump on top of the floating
stairway and to the passageway to the right.

Climb the stairs and avoid the statues fireballs. Get out of the water and go
right. Dont stop at the first water entrance; go to the second. Avoid a ton
of chain balls and climb the stairs. At the top is a Burrobot and a red spring.
Defeat the Burrobot and jump on the spring to enter the Final Zone.


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Thanks for the walkthrough!


Nice walkthrough Sega! :D