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Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Star Light Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Star Light Zone  

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==============================Star Light Zone===================================

| Act 1 |

Collect the six rings that group in three before the first higher ledge. On
this ledge is an annoying enemy called a Boombot. Guess what they do. When you
destroy these (or when you get close), they burst into four flames, so theyre
best left untouched. Anyway, after him there is a yellow spring. Use it to get
onto the higher ledge to the right. On this ledge is another Boombot. Jump
over this one and continue down the Transforming Platform, their new name.
These are a green version of those Spring Yard Zone platforms. If youre quick,
you can get the 1-UP beneath it.

Run forward into a loop and onto a platform with a red spring on it. Bounce on
the spring and enter a new half-loop. Youll be deposited in front of a new
enemy, the remade Orbinaut. It is a different color and doesnt send the spikes
at you. Pass it and keep going. Youll reach a stairway soon, go down and head
left. Youll reach a series of stairways, a cannon spitting fireballs out on
each level (Marble Zone anyone?). Head right at the end, avoid the indention in
the path with the Fire Cannons and run forward until you reach a crumbling

From there, jump to an elevating platform to the right to reach a new, higher
level. Run to the right into a half-loop sequence. After two, stop and head
left onto another half-loop. Bounce on the yellow spring on the right side of
the platform to bounce up to a ledge with two Super Ring Capsules on it. Go
back to the platform with the springs on it, and take the one to the left, the
red spring.

Youll hit a Transforming Platform that will create a stairway for you. Use the
yellow spring and bounce to the left this time onto it. Climb the stairs and go
to the right. Youll collect a few rings and start down a slope. Keep going
until you reach a half-loop that deposits you onto a platform with a red spring
on it. Bounce on it and youll go flying into the Robotnik sign.

| Act 2 |

Run into the spring behind you. A hint I never mentioned before, if you are
holding forward when you are being bounced off a horizontal spring, it will slow
you down. Let go of the Control Stick/Pad t go further and faster. Anyway,
when you reach the upper level via the half-loop the spring sends you to. Jump
over the Orbinaut and then run forward through two loops. After the second,
stop, and walk forward onto some crumbling floor. Let it crumble so that you
enter a lower level again.

Dash forward, traveling through a loop and a half-loop, and jump onto the yellow
spring at the end of the loops. There are a lot of rings above the half-loop,
to get them, roll while you are going through the loop and half-loop. Spring
yourself to the lower of the two platforms above; the upper is filled with
Boombots. After passing an Orbinaut, run forward to pass through a loop and a
half. From there, move left and onto the top of the loop. Run from the left
side of the loop and jump to three falling platforms.

Swiftly get up and onto the main platform. . Above it is a Bounce Platform.
Bounce onto the left side, and then quickly move to the right. Make sure you
are at the far end, if you are not, it will not send you nearly as high. Land
on a platform with a yellow spring to the right. Bounce on the spring to the
higher ledge. Jump to the right onto a platform that moves you up. From that
one, keep jumping to the others. At the top, run straight down and forward to
reach the Robotnik Sign.

| Act 3 |

Unlike Act 2, well be stopping at some checkpoints so dont worry. Collect the
three rings in the air and then avoid the Orbinaut guarding the rings ahead.
Run downward into a half-loop filled with rings and exit onto the ledge. Ahead
is a crumbling platform, guarded by an Orbinaut. The Orbinaut in on the left
side, so jump over it and fall through the right side. There is a Boombot where
you land and four Boombots ahead. Jump them, pass over the spring area and out
to a Bounce Platform. The platform you land on, unfortunately, is filled with

Jump onto the Orbital Platforms to the right before they explode and from there
to the other one. A Transforming Platform will morph into a stairway, however,
there are fire cannons shooting fireballs ahead, so be careful. When you reach
the end, more Boombots. Avoid them and run forward. There are two crumbling
platform ahead, so be quick. Youll reach a half-loop; run up it. Jump over
one of those Rising Platforms and onto the Transforming Platform. From there,
move to onto the sloping half-loop entrance and make it up the half-loop.

To the right is a Large Swinging Half Of A Chain Ball On A Chain. Get on top
and jump to the left onto a platform when it swings left. There are Three Super
Ring Capsules as well as a Shield Capsule, so you want them. Get them and go
right, past the Boombots and falling platforms into a half-loop. To the right
of the half-loop is a Super Ring Capsule. Get it and go left. There is a
Bounce Platform after two Orbinauts.

Bounce up to a higher platform. On the roof are Hanging Boombots. They walk on
the roof and the explosions are just as bad. Avoid them and jump over the red
spring. There is a Fire Cannon above you, but how do you get up there? Hit the
side of the roof to activate a Transforming Platform that becomes a Staircase.
Run up, run to the left up a half-loop, run to the right up a half-loop and
right again to reach the checkpoint.

Robotnik picks the worst spots to fight, for him that is. There are three
Bounce Platforms here that are empty. Robotnik drops the chain balls that
bounce you onto them. Only difference is that they explode. Either send the
chain balls at Robotnik, or bounce up yourself, youll hit him. There is but
one problem, the chain balls explode like Boombots. Not too big of a problem, I
suppose. Anyway, after beating him, press the button and save the animals!
Only one more zone left, and it is a real pain!


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Thanks for the tutorial. This has to be one of my favorite zones in the game.