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Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Labyrinth Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Labyrinth Zone  

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==============================Labyrinth Zone===================================
| Act 1 |

Let me explain a few things. Since this an underwater zone for the most part,
youll need air. To get air either jump out of the water (This is impossible in
some areas) or touch small air bubbles that float up from the ground. Stop at
every air bubble thing you find, trust me, youll want to refill your air. You
can tell youre drowning when you hear frantic music and theres a five second
countdown leading up to your demise. Now that you know, lets get started.

Starting off, to the right are three common enemies that are all over this zone.
They are called Burrobots, and are quite simple to avoid. However, they hide,
but you can see part of them. You come to an obstacle sort of like the ones
from Spring Yard Zone. Remember the maces? If you want to risk it, on the
ledge above it is a Shield Capsule (which I highly recommend getting).

If you got it, avoid the swinging chain ball and make your way into the water.
Prepare for pure horror. When you reach the ground-floor area of the water go
left where youll find two more Burrobots, they shouldnt pose much of a threat.
They guard a Super Ring Capsule.

After harvesting the rings, hit a switch that opens a door to the right, now
move to the right. Upon finding the second switch, press it and get out of the
water. Breathe! To the left is another Super Ring Capsule. Get it and head to
your right. There will be a couple Burrobots that need dealing with. Take em
out as you find them. Take a deep breath and jump back into the depths. A new
enemy appears. They sort of mimic Batbots from the Marble Zone. Except Batbots
fly and the new Jaws swim.

Keep going down until you can go no further. Here be careful, there is a
platform here that will crush you against the spikes when you step on it. To
the left is a switch that leads to a room with a Super Ring Capsule, press the
switch, get the rings. When you head right, press the switch and prepare to
enter tunnel that sucks you in.

The switch is difficult to reach since its so high up, so get on the upper step
of the stairs before jumping. Welcome to the next sector of the level. You
will land on a crushing-spike platform, so jump instantly to avoid certain doom.
Theres another to the left so do the instant jump there too. Go down. Youll
see a Chain Ball from the Spring Yard Zone, but it actually is on a chain. Jump
when the coast is clear and then go right upon landing.

After going through a room with a Jaws and four rings, you reach the stairs,
reminding me of Marble Zone, only more evil. These are pretty hard to get onto
because the step themselves arent as big as they should be. Jump from step to
step while avoid the super-fast Chain Ball. I like this part, however, cause
youre finally out of the water! There will be a big factory like conveyor belt
only its vertical (Robotnik has left his mark) on which are blocks.

In the middle of the belt is a ledge. Get on. Climb the ledges to the right as
they fall. A switch is on a small ledge beneath the spikes to the right. Tap
the jump button to make a small jump and land on the switch, avoiding the
Jump from there into the water and through the new area you just opened when you
pressed the switch. Here youll find the checkpoint.

Second part (The first was the longest paragraph ever) and it is no pushover.
Basically, there are white pitchforks or tridents; whatever you call them, they
are evil. They dont seem to be much now, but just wait. Jump over them when
they lower themselves. If you have a lot of rings if you lose them theyll be
easy to collect in a passageway with such a low ceiling. To make matters worse,
there is no air in this place!

Hurry through until you reach a red spring. Water levels will recede, and use
this to your advantage. Quickly get on the spring and bounce yourself as far up
the stairs as possible. The water will rise now (NOOOOOO!), be sure to get up
quickly. On the surface is an unknown object, perhaps a platform, you decide,
that floats up and down.

When it moves down, jump onto it and from there move to the left and you will
once again enter the water, how fun! Here is another Vertical Factory Conveyor
Belt with bricks on it. Below it are spikes and one of my least favorite
enemies, Orbinauts.

Theyll fire the spiked balls that orbit it at you so watch out. Pick a brick,
any brick and ride up. At the top, jump to the right, now be careful. Jump
quickly to evade the stone statue (Cats?) that fires fireballs at you. Above
the lower statue and further to the right is another, you want to jump between
them. Youre going to reach a block after a bit of walking. Make sure your not
on top of the blocks.

The hallway will flood and you want to go to the right. There is a blocked area
(press the switch) and a Super Ring Capsule. After two more horizontal Trident
Attacks, you reach an exit to the water and the Robotnik sign. Ha! In your
face, Robotnik, it is possible! Anyway, feel proud of yourself, you beat Act

| Act 2 |

This level is semi-not terrible. It is like a break between the two acts harder
acts. To the right is a water slide that sends you into the water. Break open
the Invincibility Capsule and make your way to the left. Take that Jaws down
and fall down taking out two more. There are two Super Ring Capsules here and
youll want to be going to the right.

There are two rings and some Burrobots, and two chain balls - thats where the
invincibility wears off, and ahead is a current ride in a tunnel. Where youre
deposited, get a Shield from a Capsule. There are a few minor enemies in here.
Step on a spring in the water to enter the dry upper part of the room.

Beneath one of the Super Ring Capsules is a switch. Press it to unearth the
next part of the level and open a door. Head right from the switch and youll
reach a fire-firing statue. Jump into the passageway it is guarding and reach
the only checkpoint.

On a ledge to the right in an Invincibility Capsule. Charge! Sprint through
the upcoming obstacles! Your invincibility will wear off around the cannon that
shoots the Leaping Fireballs out (Remind you of Marble Zone?). After a Trident
Set (arrgh!) you should defeat the enemies as you reach them, mostly easy ones.

After the enemy encounters, youll reach a stairway. Climb it and take on the
Orbinaut. You reach another Vertical Conveyor Belt to the right. Get on a
brick and ride up. When you reach an overlapping part, jump onto a new brick,
leap out of the water, and get to the Robotnik Sign (to the right)!

| Act 3 |

I have got nothing against this act or anything, but I hate the boss. Anyhow,
quadruple Burrobots from the start, along with three rings. Ahead is a slippery
slope (that look really fun!) that youll want to slide down. Note that those
fire-spitting statues look just like the ones that release the water, only the
water ones have horns. This is the Infinite Slide. For our younger audience,
that means it never stops. As soon as you start to the slide turns left, jump
to land on a ledge with a Shield Capsule on it.

Get it and continue to slide. A tad lower is another ledge you have to jump to
finish the level. Jump onto it and get the Super Ring Capsule to the left of
the switch. You just lowered the slide so now jump to the right through the
water trailing down and into a newly opened room behind the slide moving left.
There is a switch to press, so press it and fall onto a stairway above the
To get in, avoid the chain ball and take out the Jaws below.

Drop to the staircase going down to the left and then into a hall of tridents.
Now here, jump in the middle of the four tridents, youll find the floor drops
into another room. Take this route and move to the right, taking out two
Burrobots as you go. Further to the right is another Suction Tube/Tunnel.
Youll exit onto a pole you hang on to. Press the A button to let go. Move up
or down on the pole so that you avoid spikes when you release.

The current will stop when you are sent into a huge room. Get some air quick.
From the bottom, climb the stairs and use them to jump off to reach a red spring
to the left. Use the spring to reach a switch to the left a bit so that you
open a door at the top of the stairs. Go in, fight off an Orbinaut, and climb
to the top of a set of stairs at the end of the hall. At the top, there is a
switch. Press it to gain entrance to the surface and climb out of the water.
To the left is a checkpoint, get it and continue.

To the right are three of those floating platforms. Get on the rightmost one
and ride it up as the water level increases. Jump onto the ledge before you are
crushed. You may have to get on one and jump to the other. If you miss one of
them as the water rises, go back to the checkpoint; it should lower. Race the
water up the stairs on the right side of the ledge until it stops (Youll have
to take down a few Burrobots on the way).

Keep climbing the stairs. When you reach the top, go to the left to break a
Shield Capsule and then watch as the water rises again. However, not all the
way, for a time it stops because your fight with Robotnik is right here (and
then rises).

Apparently, Dr. Robotnik wasnt prepared for Sonic and must withdraw. Chase
Robotnik up a series of stairs and platforms. There are, of course, Tridents,
Fireballs, and water racing up (hopefully below you). You cant destroy him,
but you can hit him for fun, but your real goal is to get to the top alive. A
super hard boss, hes the reason I dont like this zone. There are no rings, so
you can afford only one hit thanks to the Shield. There is no real advice I can
give you. Just hope youre lucky.

I have got to hand it to you; you have done good to make it this far.


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This seems like a thorough walk through. Nice job.