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Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Spring Yard Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Spring Yard Zone  

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=============================Spring Yard Zone==================================

| Act 1 |

At the start there are three Crabmeats and two Buzzbombers, and no rings. Pass
through them and youll reach a red spring. Spring up into a tiny alcove that
leads to another spring. This is where you get your rings. Youll start
bouncing wildly on bouncer things, and if your goal is score this is where to
but to continue bounce over to the ledge on which is a series of rings. A
Buzzbomber will attack with a buddy, but they shouldnt pose much of a threat.

There are three levitating platforms here, the center one rises the most, so get
onto the left or right platform and wait until the center rises and get under
Repeat the process until you fall onto a slope. The instant you see a yellow
spring, jump. You will be catapulted into an enemy if not. Race through the
room and into a slope. Go slowly because there are two big chain balls and
swinging smaller chain balls.

Once you pass the two big balls, youll reach an area with an abundance of
but a mace-like thing is swinging through it. When the mace goes down, jump in,
get some rings, and race out. Okay, more chain balls. Theres one floating in
front of a passageway out of the slope of evil. Wait for it to move to the
then jump in. Theres another guarding the exit of the passageway, wait for it
to move to the right then fall out. There is another mace obstacle afterwards,
once again, when the mace swings downward jump in, get the rings, and get out.
Afterwards, the checkpoint!

Run into the spring on the other side of the checkpoint to send you up the
At the end is another spring, this one vertical. Use it to spring yourself up
onto a levitating platform. Like before, move to different platforms when it
has risen. Move to the right and jump onto the ring-filled platform. Jump on
top of the half-loop and continue to the right. Jump onto the platform the
spike ball is orbiting to the right.

From there jump onto the loop and hope you arent hit by the spike ball. If
your timing is right, youll make it. In the lower area surrounded by red
springs, jump on the rightmost spring and get on top of the building. There are
two Crabmeat on top. Fall down into from the building into the center of all
the red springs. Jump onto the switch next to the yellow spring to the right,
then run into the spring. Youll be sent flying straight into the sign, and
youve completed Act 1.

| Act 2 |

Behind you is a red spring. Hit it and catapult yourself toward a bouncer.
Fall down with the rings into a half-loop that exits into a slope. At the
beginning is a chain ball. It is Like a Crusher, only much slower. Run under
it and halt before you hit another Chain Ball. Stop and wait until you can pass
under, then sprint downward. Youll be stopped midway. Up ahead is a mace-ring
combo, however one of the ring layers is missing.

Gather some rings and continue. There is a passageway above blocked by a chain
ball. Wait until the ball moves to the left, then enter the passageway. At the
exit of the passageway there is another chain ball. Wait for it to move to the
right and then drop out of the passageway. There is a red spring ahead. Use it
to get to another spring slightly above you, and that one to get to some
levitating platforms. Climb up as usual, then go the right onto a flat

Jump across a pit to reach a sloping building and sprint down. Youll exit on a
series of bouncers. Use them to reach an elevating platform and from there get
on top of a building to the right. A half-loop is coming up, but dont run up
it, instead jump on a platform before it and from there onto the top of the
half-loop. There is another slope blocked by a chain ball. Pass under it, and
then pass under the other one and pass through the checkpoint!

Move straight forward into a pit, inside of which is a spring. There is a chain
ball on top of the spring, so wait for it to move, then spring. While waiting
for it to move, duck, because it might hit you. When you spring upward, go to
the right. Ahead there are expanding platforms. Get in the center, and move
from one to the other. Youll reach a platform that is vertical, so get on top,
and from there jump to a moving platform. From there jump onto another moving
platform, and finally a stationary one. Jump off and into a yellow spring.
Youll hit a bouncer. Drop down and youll be sent under a building. Keep
going and youll reach the Robotnik Sign.

| Act 3 |

Now heres a beginning I like. Just run forward, youll be moving so fast
youll avoid Buzzbomber shots and youll fall into a bouncer field. Let
yourself pass through the bouncer field and down into a spring pit. In the
center is a Shield Capsule. Once you have your shield, jump onto the red
springs to the right. The building you land on has a Super Ring Capsule on it.
Beginning over, evil slope time.

There is a slope ahead, with a chain ball in front. Pass under it and the other
chain ball further down. There is a mace-swinging part again, followed by a
Crabmeat and then levitating platforms. Get to the top and then use the yellow
spring to the left to bounce up to a moving platform. Jump onto the building to
the right and press the switch before the door opening to enter the tunnel area.
There are two Crabmeats at first, but then you enter a slope.

Here, there are two chain balls orbiting the same platform very slowly. Jump to
the other platform and then into another Crabmeat Tunnel. After the tunnel,
there are more levitating platforms. Go up as usual and exit to a building to
the left, on which are two Crabmeats. After destroying the Crabmeats, get on a
moving platform and jump onto a building to the right. Keep moving to the right
until you reach a checkpoint.

Move to the right until you fall down a huge half-loop filled to the brim with
bouncers. Bounce up to a moving platform, and from there to another evil slope.
Make sure that the chain ball at the front is out of the way when you jump. The
first chain ball is followed by a second, and then a switch. Press the switch,
causing a large orange brick to move to the right.

Make sure you make your way to the right most red spring before it does and
bounce up to the outside world. There are three crabmeats in a row guarding a
moving platform. Get on the platform, and the next after that, to get to a
building with two Crabmeats on it. Keep going until you reach yet another
orbital Chain Ball platform. The next platform you should jump to has two chain
balls orbiting it.

The last has but one, but its really fast; be careful. After the orbiters,
there are more levitating platforms. These go down though, so watch yourself.
Move to the right until you reach a red spring. Bounce on it and after a couple
rings and a vertical half-loop, youll reach a halfway point and stand before
the boss.

To reach the boss, follow a series of vertical platforms that change shape, from
stairs pointed to the right to stairs pointed to the left. The boss himself is
fairly easy. The arena is made of stone blocks. His ship abducts one block and
destroys as his attack. Soon the arena is destroyed, but you should be able to
defeat him before then. Hit the black underbelly of his ship when he flies
around searching for a new block to abduct. Dont hit him when he has his spike
out or youll take damage. When he plunges down, you can hit him at the top.
Keep hitting him and youll win. After the battle, rescue the animals in the


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This is a very nice walkthrough


Not too bad if a walk through sega!