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Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Marble Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Marble Zone  

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================================Marble Zone===================================
| Act 1 |

Collect the three rings in the air at the start and move forward. Up ahead is a
common hovering platform, and when it raises itself, you can see some red
flowing stuff. Here you can tell that the main obstacle in the Marble Zone is
lava, magma, and fireballs. Get ready. Collect the rings and watch out for a
Buzzbomber up ahead. Here is an obstacle similar to one in Act 2 of the Green
Hill Zone.

A rising platform, and on either side is an instant death pit. Fall in the lava
and die, but be careful, for up ahead is an evil enemy that is called a
Caterkiller. Roll to defeat them; dont jump because of their spikes. Ahead is
a stairway (sort of) and on top is another Caterkiller. After him, are a
Buzzbomber and the second sign of what is to come in this zone. Jump over the
jumping fireballs on both sides.

Wait until they are falling downward to jump. Up next is an evil part where it
slopes downward, which makes you think a loop is ahead. Dont rush or youll
charge straight into a pit of lava. Ahead is a floating platform, and like the
crumbling platforms, this one is destroyed to, but by means of fire. The lava
here is not instant death lava, but it still makes you lose your rings.

There are four fire platforms here in a row, so be quick. There is a Shield
Capsule up ahead out in the open up next so you know its going to be difficult.
Wait for the lowering platforms to go down and move into the underground cave.

Up ahead is a big stomping obstacle that will be called Crushers from here on
out. Dont take these lightly; if youre under one of these when it falls, you
lose a life instantly. Wait until its rising for you to run under. There are
three more after that, use the same strategy. Up ahead are bat-like enemies
that shouldnt give you much trouble. Now here is another slow part I have been
talking about.

There is a hanging spike thing with a block on it. Get on the left side of the
block and push it to the left, onto a switch that lifts up the spike chandelier.
Go down a series of stairs, and avoid the wall spikes that pop in and out of the
wall when falling. There is a checkpoint to the left as well a Shield Capsule.
Get it and move on to the new perils of Act 1.

To the right is a crusher that crushes upward instead of downward. When it
moves downward, cross over it and head down the stairs. Up above are falling
blocks over a lava pit. When the blocks fall, jump onto them and make your way
across. Ahead where you are meant to go up is another Spike Chandelier that has
no restraints. The trouble is you cant see it. Tap the jump button really
fast to make it fall, and dont hold it or youll be skewered. Luckily it isnt
an instant death obstacle. It slowly lifts itself upward, making a clanking
noise. At this time jump to the side on the tiny ledge.

When the Spike Chandelier falls again, jump on top of it and ride it up. Make
sure you get off it in time or youll be crushed by it going up and the wall
remaining there (that is an instant death obstacle). Green blocks extend
outward from the walls, jump onto the first, and then to the second, but be
careful getting onto the ledge because of another Spike Chandelier and more
As well as this, the weight on the chain that falls with the Chandelier is an
instant death obstacle as well.

When the Chandelier falls, get on top and ride it up. Once again be careful not
to get crushed by the rising Chandelier; quickly make it to the outside via a
passageway to the right. Avoid a Buzzbomber and jump from a rising platform to
a stationary one to the right. Watch out for the Leaping Fireballs. Ahead is
another Fire Platform, a Buzzbomber, a Caterkiller, and then another Fire
Platform. Luckily, ahead is the Robotnik Sign, you passed Act 1, hoorah and

| Act 2 |

Floating Platforms galore at the start, followed by the popular Buzzbomber-
Caterkiller combo. After that is a Fire Platform with Leaping Fireballs
surrounding it. You enter the indoor area yet again here. Press the switch to
lower the Crusher and fall down onto it and move to the left. The bats are
difficult to defeat in this hallway, so try to roll under them. Up ahead is a
block in front of a lava pit.

Push the block into the pit and it will float along. Jump on it to cross.
Avoid platforms in the way and cross the pit (watch out for the downpour of
lava). There are three cannons ahead that fire Leaping Fireballs at you. Dodge
them and fall down to the green block. Prepare yourself, because this part is
EVIL, and somewhat fun for Marble Zone.

Push in the green blocks so you can fall down into the hall below. Youll fall
into a hall where lava is pouring in, and my only advice is to run like you
never have before, this is instant death to a new level. Jump over the ledges
in the way and avoid the spikes at the end. When you reach the stairs and climb
them, it will stop. Youre in a large room filled with bats, so be careful.
Make your way to the end of the room and jump onto a swinging platform. They
are just like the ones from Green Hill except theyre purple, so it should be

Jump from one to the other until you reach the end. Youll enter a narrow hall
filled with Caterkillers, rolling works, and something I forgot to mention is
that you can jump on their heads, but not their spiky bodies. There is a red
spring to avoid and a switch that lowers a Crusher. Press it and get up. There
is a Shield Capsule to the right on a higher ledge that youll be wanting to
Another green block lava pit is up ahead. Push the block in and cross the pit.
Dont freak out when you are sent upward by the lava, and as always jump onto
the ledge when the block goes under it.

When youre sent up by the lava for the last time, jump into the new room. If
you want a 1-Up and twenty rings, though, where the second block is at the end,
you can walk into the wall. Youll walk into a hall and then to the Capsule
Room. Then take the block back to the other side, and push the green block into
the lava to cross it again and then enter the higher room. There are three
rings youll want, and a Caterkiller ahead. After that are green block rows
coming out of the wall. Jump onto one, then the other and emerge into the light
of day. Go to the left of the opening for a Super Ring Capsule and a

To the right is the platform with Leaping Fireballs around it. There is another
right after that. Up next youll need to jump onto a stationary platform that
is pretty high, while avoiding a Fireball. Watch out for a Buzzbomber with
particularly good aim. Up ahead are a few enemies that you can pass and a
collection of green bricks. Jump up to crush them when you fall. Back into the
interior. There is another green brick collection, beneath which is a Shield

There is a Caterkiller below and to the left is a Lava Downpour, which drops
tons of magma or lava on you (you may remember it from Act 1 during the lava pit
crossing). Avoid the Downpours, and get an Invincibility Capsule to the bottom
left! And yes, you can walk on lava when invincible. There is a Spike
Chandelier above a hallway of enemies you should have plowed through. Get on
top via a ledge to the side and cross the room, watching out for the other three
Spike Chandeliers. Here you exit to the outside and youll find the sign. Act
2, completed! Finally!

| Act 3 |

Move ahead and collect the two rings above the stationary platform. Avoid the
Buzzbomber bullet and travel ahead. Its blank for a little, but then two
Buzzbombers appear with a Caterkiller. From there run straight forward and into
the interior once more. However, to get a Super Ring Capsule, jump to the right
from the interior. Inside there are cannons firing Fireballs furiously
(alliteration). Pass them and youll see the ever-familiar dropping blocks to
get across the lava pit.

Only difference is a weight on a chain that will act as your platform when there
are none to jump on. Wait for the weights to fall and then jump on them, and
from there, jump onto the other dropping block. Repeat the process up until you
reach the end. Ahead are green bricks. Break them and fall to the lower level
of the interior. Go to the left and youll see a crusher. Use it as a stepping
stool to press the switch above it.

Go to the right and push the green block into the lava pit. Avoid the simple
ledge obstacles until another lava outburst propels you upward. Jump onto the
ledge to the left and use the green block that comes out of the wall to get on
top of a platform in the middle of the room. From their jump into the hallway
to the right, avoiding the Caterkiller and the spikes. There are two Spike
Chandeliers ahead, dodge them and fall into an even lower passageway.

There are cannons firing the Fireballs as you make your way down. After passing
them, youll find an evil stairway with spikes coming out of the sides. There
is a Caterkiller ahead as well a red spring. I suggest rolling to defeat this
one. There will be a lot of swinging platforms here. Cross them and climb
another set of stairs. Get on a ledge and jump to the left to reach a

Directly left relative to the checkpoint there is a Shield Capsule. Get it and
move to the right. Avoid hidden spikes and Crushers as you make your way to the
right. Youll find a green brick collection to break through and a Crusher that
crushes upwards (like an Anti-Crusher). Cross over it and get on a green block
and make it to the other side of the lava pit. Jump into the hallway and jump
onto the ledge.

A Spike Chandelier should fall. Get on top and move to the right. Another
Spike Chandelier will fall and you will want to ride it up. There will be
another stairway with spikes coming out of the side. Jump to the second step to
the fourth and finally to the top to avoid the spikes. Move to the left,
disposing of the Caterkillers and the bats, and reach yet another lava pit (Hope
this the last!).

Cross the pit, jumping on the ledges in the way and getting back onto the brick
when it has emerged from under the ledge as usual. There are no strange
obstacles in this pit. Youll exit the pit with the bats and see a Spike
Chandelier. Get on top so you can reach a spiky stairway. On top of the stairs
is a Super Ring Capsule. GET IT! Rings are so scarce in this act!

Anyway, above the spiky stairs are more stairs with Fireball Cannons. Pass them
and avoid the hidden spikes at the top of the stairs. Ahead are weights around
platforms. Jump from weight to platform to weight until you reach the end.
Remember you will be crushed if you stay on the weight too long and some of the
platforms have spikes hidden on them.

At the end there are two weights in a row and then an exit leading outside!
Watch out when exiting because of spikes in the wall. Ahead are Leaping
Fireball pits to jump over and a mere three rings. Youre about to engage in
battle. The checkpoint is right ahead.

The boss battle arena is basically ground with a lava pit in the center. The
pit spews out Jumping Fireballs. Robotnik ship does as well, but the flames
spread all over the platform. An easy way to beat him is to hit him while hes
coming over toward you and then retreat to the other platform. Strangely,
Leaping Fireballs only come out of the left side of the pit. Anyway, this is a
pretty easy boss battle, and afterwards, press the button on the capsule to
release the animals.


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Thanks for this. Another very nice & well written tutorial.