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Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Green Hill Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 Walkthrough - Green Hill Zone  

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==============================Green Hill Zone===================================

A very easy beginners zone, it should be the perfect place for the unitiated to
hone their skills.

| Act 1 |

As you start, jump into the air and collect the three rings, then jump onto the
first ledge and jump onto the capsule to break it open. Get the Super Ring
Capsule and avoid the enemy on the ground, the Motobug, as well as the aerial
insect enemy, the Buzzbomber. As you keep going youll reach a bridge with a
fish jumping up called a Chopper. Jump over it to avoid and keep going until
you reach the second tree from the bridge. Jump up onto it and youll see an
Invincibility Capsule.

Get it and continue. Youll reach an area with a group of rings and a half-loop.
Collect the rings and either run up the half-loop or jump over it. Straight
forward there is a ledge on which is a crab-like enemy called a Crabmeat. Jump
on it before it fires its yellow bullets and dispose of the other Crabmeat on
the higher ledge. A purple rock serves as a landmark on the top ledge and
stands next to a bridge. Once again, jump to avoid the Choppers. Another
purple rock stand at the end of the bridge.

Collect the two rings atop the rock and jump up to the next ledge. Watch out
for the Buzzbombers and then be on your way. Collect the rings leading up to a
yellow spring. Jump on the spring to bounce up and while you are in the air,
move to the right onto the ledge. Quickly jump off the hanging ledge onto the
main ledge; the hanging ledge will crumble. There are two purple rocks here and
a Buzzbomber. Avoid the Buzzbombers and jump from the lower purple rock to the
right and beware, the ground you land on is not solid and will crumble. Climb
up the ledges and youll reach a lamppost, better known as a checkpoint.

Above the checkpoint are moving platforms, jump onto the lower one, and from
there jump to the higher one, and from there the ledge with the Super Ring
Capsule on it, avoiding the Buzzbomber. Break open the Super Ring Capsule and
then jump onto the platform to the right and keep jumping onto the next
but quickly since the platforms fall. The platforms lead up to an Shield
Capsule on it.

If you fell, run forward at top speeds so that you can run onto the loop. From
the ground or the top of the loop, jump onto a moving platform that moves
Jump onto another from there, and another from there until you reach a platform
that moves to the right. Get on it, it leads to a ledge with a long row of
rings on it. Once you have reached the end of the ledge, youll find more
falling platforms that lead downward. At the end is a moving platform above
tons of rings floating in the air, jump into the center to get the most rings
and then land on a ledge, next to which are two more ledges you must jump onto.
There is a purple rock next to Chopper Bridge that you must pass.

Jump to avoid the Chopper than jump to the lower ledge and move forward. Youll
reach a ledge with a Super Ring Capsule on it, collect the rings and avoid a
Buzzbomber. After you have collected the Super Ring, either jump down or take
the moving platform. Make your way forward and youll see a sign with
Robotniks face on it. A large gold ring may be hovering above it. If the huge
gold ring is there, jump into it; if not, run past the sign.

The large gold ring will take you to the Special Bonus Stage, and once that is
completed, you will go to Act 2. If you hit the sign, you will go directly to
Act 2 (it is like that for every Act ending except for the Scrap Brain Zone
since the bonus stage is eliminated). For more information on the Special
see section 3.0.

| Act 2 |

From the start there is a bridge with double Choppers. Jump to avoid them and
continue. Below the ledge you are on is a purple stone on which is a yellow
spring. Jump onto the spring to collect some rings and go forward. The next
obstacle is a bridge with Choppers and a Buzzbomber shortly after. Ignore the
rings on the surface of the bridge and jump over the bridge, try to land on the

Fall downward to the purple stone and continue down the slope until you reach
another purple stone. Stop and wait for a platform to reach you and quickly
jump onto it. If you miss it or fall, simply run at top speeds up onto the
half-loop. When you jump from the half-loop, watch out for the spikes, and when
you land jump over them. Youll reach another bridge with three Choppers
jumping up, jump up yourself to avoid them and reach the other side.

Youll see rings leading downward, run toward it, and you will run through a
series of loops that stops when you reach a purple stone next to a pair of a pit
of spikes. There is a platform that moves up and down in the center of the
spikes. Jump onto it, and then jump to the stationary ledge to the right.

Once again, there is a platform in the center of a spike pit. The only
difference is that there are two platforms next to each other and two
Buzzbombers trying to hit you. Avoid the Buzzbombers and jump from platform to
platform to the ledge. On the ledge is a checkpoint; hit it and continue.

Yet another platform-spike combo. Pass it and jump onto the lower ledge. Avoid
the Motobug and move forward. There is a Crabmeat and a Newtron, a lizard-like
enemy that hides in the walls. Avoid the Newtrons bullet and crush the
Crabmeat. A purple stone and a bridge is your landmark here. Needless to say,
there are Choppers under the bridge. Use the Jump-dodge tactic and then run
downward with the rings into another half-loop. Youll land on another
crumbling platform. Let it crumble, youll reach a lower level of ground.
There are spikes and a Newton ahead.

Jump over the spikes and land on the upper level of a series of ledges. Jump
onto a crumbling platform and quickly jump near the horizontal red spring.
Dont touch it, jump over the spring. There is a Super Ring Capsule ahead.
After you collect the rings, jump up, onto the Upper Level. Run forward to
reach the Robotnik sign and finish the level.

| Act 3 |

Immediately from the start in the second tree is an Invincibility Capsule. Jump
up to get it and move jump onto the yellow spring directly in front of you.
Bounce up onto another cliff with a spring on which should propel you to a ledge
with a Shield Capsule on it. Once you have the shield, drop down and jump onto
yet another yellow spring. So far, if youve been moving quickly youve been
able to avoid most enemies, here, though, are a Motobug and a Buzzbomber on a
crumbling ledge.

Quickly jump off the ledge and if you time it right, you should land on the
Buzzbomber then drop onto the Motobug. Drop down and collect your first rings,
but be aware that the ledge the three rings to the right are on is a crumbling
one. Leap onto the up/down moving platform, and then when it is at his highest
point, jump onto the cliff to the right. There are a few scarce rings and a
Buzzbomber that you should be able to get past fairly easily. Drop down and
collect the rings over the bridge. Luckily, this is not a Chopper bridge. Move
forward and pass the checkpoint.

Instead of following the ring trail, jump onto the higher cliff behind the
checkpoint. There are two moving platforms to the right that move horizontally.
Jump onto the first, then to the second, and finally onto a ledge. There is a
cliff above the ledge, jump onto it when you are more elevated and break the
Super Ring Capsule there. Drop down below to a bridge, which has no Choppers on
it. Collect the rings and jump onto a yellow spring hidden behind some totem
pole scenery. It is furthest to the right from the bridge. Up above is the
second checkpoint.

The first tree behind the second checkpoint contains a Super Ring Capsule.
Collect ten more rings there and then make your way forward until you reach the
edge of the cliff and find a moving platform. Jump onto it, and from there onto
a vertical moving platform below. There is another platform to the right that
move up and down, and a falling platform below it. Let yourself fall onto the
top of a loop, on which is an ever-so precious 1-UP. Get it and drop down.
Ahead is a trail of rings, followed by the annoying red spring. Jump over the
spring and pass through the third checkpoint. Almost done.

Up next is a very easy part that looks difficult. The log with spikes on it
that rotates has one simple flaw - a platform above it. Get onto the platform
to pass over this obstacle, and follow the trail of rings on the other side.
There are two Newtrons and two Buzzbombers up ahead concealed by a waterfall.
Pass through the waterfall as quickly as possible and dispose of the Crabmeat up
ahead. After that, there is a slope followed by moving platforms.

Dont get on the platforms, instead, sprint down the slope and press down on the
Control Stick or Pad to do the rolling attack, you should break through the wall
here. Collect the three rings ahead and avoid Buzzbomber fire. Dont step on
the ledge, as it will crumble. Be very careful here, because the spike pit is
an instant death obstacle. Jump onto the swinging platform and onto the cliff.
Avoid the Buzzbombers or take them out; whatever you feel like.

Drop down and run forward following more rings up to a half-loop. In the tree
that seems to stand on the half-loop, there is a Super Ring Capsule, and an
Invincibility Capsule in the last tall tree before the bridge. They seem to
have done away with Choppers in this level, so just cross the bridge and pass
through the fourth checkpoint. Up ahead is your first boss.

This is a classic Sonic boss. In fact, it was intended to be an obstacle rather
than a boss at first. So, hit Robotnik once or twice before he unleashes a huge
ball on a chain that he swings around. When he swings the ball around, he hits
every area of the lower arena except for the corners. Get in the corners when
he swings it toward you, and jump up onto the platform when he swings it away.
Jump up so that you hit the black underbelly of his ship to inflict damage to
him, and then quickly hide in a corner. Repeat the process until victory is
yours. After every boss battle, there is a capsule containing animals, jump on
top of it and you win.

You completed Green Hill Zone, the first Zone of the game. Good luck in Marble


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Halo Gotta give credit where due bro.

Mostly everything in the submission sections are stolen anyways.

true, but when its possible you can give credit if you know where its taken from ;)

I very much agree. If credit is given it is quite a valid submission in my eyes.


Halo Gotta give credit where due bro.

Mostly everything in the submission sections are stolen anyways.

true, but when its possible you can give credit if you know where its taken from ;)


Halo Gotta give credit where due bro.

Mostly everything in the submission sections are stolen anyways.


Gotta give credit where due bro.