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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - The Death Egg Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - The Death Egg Zone  

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================The Ultimate Weapon, the Death Egg Zone============================

These next bosses are the hardest in the game.
These bosses are beyond hard, they are for experts only.
I couldnt beat them at first, I had to replay the game a few times
Good luck.

| Metal Sonic Prototype |

Head right. Youll reach the first boss. This is the boss I think Metal
Sonic is based on. I think this boss may be based on an enemy called Roller
from Sonic the Hedgehog. Roller is a copy of you that appears in the Spring
Yard Zone. Roller was rare and only appeared once or twice and was easy to
beat. It looked just like you and was only vulnerable when not rolling. It
was not a boss, but rather an enemy. Well, this boss is far different from
Roller. It is incredibly difficult. I named him Metal Sonic Prototype. To
shorten the name, I call him Robotic Sonic. Trust me, he is no pushover. He
is easy once you understand his patterns, but during the first fight he is
unimaginably hard.

You have no rings and you find a robotic version of yourself. It does
everything you can do and more (Plus hes taller) with deadly precision. His
name is Robotic Sonic (Very close to a rhyme). To watch your progress,
Eggman has poked his head through a vent, to see how youre doing. The
weakness is his head, but not the top. Hit the side of his head, the face to
win. To do this, just tap the jump button. He has a few attacks that are
pretty effective. The first he tests on you is his Spin Dash. The second is
his Charge. He pauses for about two milliseconds in between his attacks, so
good luck. On his head there are spikes just like Sonics hairdo. He may
send them out at you during a roll, but he will only attempt this after a
long, tedious battle. By the way, his feet have jets in them so dont try to
hit them. You can hit him by rolling into him, but this almost guarantees
instant death. Sometimes he jumps when he attacks, so he is almost
unpredictable. It is most vulnerable when it is charging, it makes the two
shrill noises. Go after Robotnik when you win. Good luck

| Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik |

After beating Robotic Sonic, Eggman will retreat to the right. Chase after
him (Surprisingly, when you chase him he runs faster than you do! How could
Robotnik run faster than Sonic?) and he will enter a huge robot. This is the
final boss of this game...

Much harder than Robotic Sonic and is arguably the hardest boss in any Sonic
game ever made. To make things harder, you must fight Robotic Sonic again if
you lose. This boss is a giant, robotic version of Robotnik himself. It is
very tall and very difficult.

Robotnik will step forward, then back, then jump. Try to him above his
spiked fists, below is a major risk that almost always result in death. If
he is walking, hit him when he steps down or when he pulls a fist back. You
can hit him below the fists and sometimes is the only way. Touching him in
general will kill you, but he has more deadly offense. One for instance, he
jumps up into the air. He is homing you, so charge up a Spin Dash. When a
multi-color circle appears beneath a white circle release the down button.
If you dont, hell crush and kill you.

His next attack he throw his arms at you. Avoid them and hit him, hes very
vulnerable in this form. If you are Tails, the arms will pass right over you
since youre so short. It is safest to hit him when he is standing still.
If you are behind him he launched bombs at you, they will explode and kill
you (Well duh, you have no rings) if you dont avoid them. When he lands,
you can try hitting him, he is vulnerable for a time. All the other bosses
take eight hits; however, this one requires twelve. Take your time, dont
risk a hit, and only attempt to hit when the conditions are right. When you
defeat him, run to the right and dont stop. There are explosion from behind
that might kill you. I dont know if they do or not, but I dont care to
find out. Dont stop running, dont ever stop. At the end, youll escape
the Death Egg and watch the ending cinema.

What happens in the end, well youll just have to beat the game yourself.


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