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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Wing Fortress Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Wing Fortress Zone  

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==========================Wing Fortress Zone====================================

You start out in your plane, but are hit by lasers from the ship. The plane
goes down, and if you dont act fast, you will too. Get onto the red catwalk
and speed down. Youll get lots of rings Go through the hallways until you
reach a Propelling Platform. It will make you float, so go through quickly
and back onto the catwalks. Head right and youll encounter your first
enemy. Theyre the only breed of enemy here, and they are chickens.
Actually, theyre called Cluckers.

They are robotic chickens that come out of holes and start shooting you with
a rifle or something. Easy to avoid, and easy to beat; just jump on them.
Defeat him and jump onto his platform. Use it to get to a platform on which
is a Shield. Get it and jump to the right. Youll enter an air current that
will send you high up above. This is a major shortcut. Head left and youll
see what I call Fan-Blade Platforms. They change from vertical to
horizontal; jump when they are horizontal so you can stand on them, and in
this manner get to the top of the ship. Run up the half-loop to the right
and hit the checkpoint.

Go down the slope and defeat a Clucker. Keep going to the right until you
reach a red half-loop. Go up and head to the left. Youll see rising
platforms, get on one and ride it up. Jump to the right and defeat all
Cluckers in your way. Youll also see some Laser Turrets, pass under them,
they are an easy obstacle. Youll be sent to a Clucker Platform by some
weird gray thing that roams around the place. Defeat the Clucker and fall
down. Defeat the Clucker on the catwalk you land on and then drop to the
catwalk directly below you. Walk into the wall to reveal a hidden hall and a
gust of wind will send to an X block.

Youll hang onto the block for dear life; press A/B/X to release yourself.
Always release yourself where the trail of rings lead. At the end youll
enter another hidden hall blocked by the wall. Go through and youll enter a
catwalk. Now here be very careful. The ship below you cant walk on.
Instead, jump to the right onto the lowering platforms. At the end of that
one, jump to the one to the right, and again on that one. On the third one
jump to the platform to the right, but be warned that it will quickly
disappear. Jump from one to the other and youll reach the checkpoint.

Keep heading right until you reach another gray object I now call Speeders.
It will take you across a large pit and onto a red catwalk. At the end of
the catwalk there is a conveyor belt up. Take it and youll reach some
orbital platforms. Take them up to a pulley. Ride it up and onto a catwalk
to the left. On this one, take another pulley up to reach a new catwalk.
Head right and when at the edge, jump to the left and onto an even higher
catwalk. There is a pulley to be taken here.

At the top jump to a platform to the right and onto a pulley there. Ride it
up and defeat a Clucker. Use the platform it is on to get to a Catwalk to
the left. On it is a Super Ring Capsule. From here jump to the right as far
as you can and youll land on a platform. Head to the right through a hall
hidden by a wall and head to the right. Youll fall onto a new catwalk. Go
through the wall to the right and youll enter another hidden catwalk. Use
the stepping stairs to the left to get on top of the ship. Head to the right
from here and jump onto the ship. Head right and hit the checkpoint.

Hit the black block to the right to enter the insides of the ship. Head
right whence inside and fight the third to last boss. Hes hard. I had
trouble figuring out how to beat him. Robotnik is in the corner guarded by a
yellow beam. Meanwhile, youre in a room where spike-like balls are being
dispensed. As well as this, a giant beam coming out of a Laser Turret is
being charged above you. It seems impossible. The Laser Turret opens
periodically, and that is when you must strike. Before it release the beam
of doom, get on a spike platform and hit it by jumping. This is hard since
not all the platforms take you there at the right time. If youre lucky you
can pick the right one and beat the boss. This is one of only two bosses in
which you dont fight Robotnik himself.

When you win, the yellow beam trapping you disappears and Robotnik flees.
Where Robotnik was standing is a 1-Up, very valuable. Get it and then pursue
the doc. Robotnik gets into a ship and flies, and what perfect timing, the
plane is below you and Tails comes (Sonic if you are playing with Tails
Alone), ready to meet Robotnik in the Ultimate Weapon, the Death Egg


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