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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Sky Chase Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Sky Chase Zone  

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=============================2.9: Sky Chase Zone=============================

| Sky Chase Zone |

There are no acts, just the zone, so this is not Act 1, but rather Sky Chase
Zone. There isnt much to say here. Stay on the plane at all times. The
first enemy you see is a Balkiry, a winged robot that flies, it zips forward
and tries to hurt you. The next you see is called a Nebula, dont hit these
from the bottom because of their chain balls, but anywhere else is fine. The
last is a Turtloid, a freakish flying turtle. These are slow and I would
avoid these.

As you fly youll encounter lots of enemies. I stay in the upper left hand
corner and avoid the enemies. Nebulas drop bombs and Turtloids shoot
bullets. Balkiry and Turtloids have a one-way track, but Nebulas can move
around. When you jump you cause the plane to fall down. When you press the
up button, you rise, and down, you fall. If you Spin Dash, youll move
forward. Remember rings arent everything. They are very hard to collect if
you lose them though.

Youll fly at the side of Robotniks ship for a while, but soon will go back
to the open skies. When you defeat Turtloids only the pilot dies, the
turtle is like a platform. This is a very short act and is really easy. Up
next is the Wing Fortress Zone. Follow my guidelines and you should get to
the Wing Fortress Zone.


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