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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Oil Ocean Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Oil Ocean Zone  

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=============================2.7: Oil Ocean Zone=============================

| Act 1 |

The oil is more like quick sand, it is easy to get out of (In Sonic, not in
real life). If you get stuck, just jump out. Head right and get the three
rings, same old, same old. The yellow platforms crumble, so be on the watch.
Now I think I going to introduce all three enemies at once, you know how lazy
I am. Anyway, the first is a robotic seahorse called Aquis. The second is a
robotic octopus called Octus. Anyway/how, keep heading right and youll
encounter an Octus, these simple enemies simply shoot bullets at you and can
jump for close-range combat. Knock them out on the head, side, or stomach,
whatever you feel like.

After this youll find a half-loop followed by spikes. Jump over the spikes
and to the other platform. Head right and youll find a Rising Platform.
The pressure of some green spikes will force it up. Get onto the green
platform and jump to the left when it is at its peak. There will be a Super
Ring Capsule along with some rings. Jump off it after getting your prize and
onto a platform to the right (Two rings will be your guide. Run to the right
and jump at the edge of the crumbling platform. Youll land on another
crumbling platform you need to get off of. Run right and defeat two Octuses.
Surrounded by spikes is another green platform, get on when the time is right
and ride it up.

Jump to the right onto a crumbling platform. Run to the main platform before
it crumbles. Run up a half-loop and jump to another crumbling platform.
Jump over the spikes and onto the green platform. When it rises, jump onto
the ledge to the right. There is an Aquis hovering above. It will send
pellets at you and circle about. Jump into it and youll defeat it. Head
right and youll see another one; take it out and head right, it is guarding
an elevator. Go up and jump from the edge of the crumbling platform to the
other ledge (We are currently moving left).

Head left and youll see a fan in front of an elevator. Wait for it to stop
and get on the elevator. Now head right and over the spikes. There is an
Aquis and a fan to support you over a pit. Jump over it and head right.
Soon youll reach an elevator. Head right at the top and youll find a pit
you can jump over. As you keep going, oil will be spread on the catwalk
causing you to slide down. At the end of the slide you reach a half-loop
followed by a checkpoint.

Jump over the pit to the right and use the green platforms to get over the
spikes. The third one will take you to a crumbling platform. Get onto the
real one to the right and jump over the spikes. There is a pit followed by
yet another crumbling platform. Jump onto the platform and Spin Dash up a
half-loop to the right. When at the top of the loop, head left and onto
another crumbling platform. Move to the real one quickly and from there jump
to a higher ones to the left. There is an elevator to the left of the third
platform. Take it up and avoid the Aquises to the right.

Youll see a checkered block over a cannon, jump onto it to break it and
youll enter a series of cannons that will deposit you next to a Shield
Capsule. Get it and head right. There are two Octuses and some rings that
are for the taking. Youll reach an oil slide and will slide onto another
slide that exits after a half-loop over some spikes. Avoid the spikes and
jump to a crumbling platform. There will be an Aquis to punish and an
elevator further to the left. Head right now and break the checkered block
with a jump and youll enter even more cannons.

From where you land, head right, jump over the spikes, and go down the
elevator. Head left and jump over the spikes. There are three Octuses as
you go down and another cannon series. Jump on the block and enter the
cannons. Head right, defeat the Octus, and get on the elevator. Wait for
the fan to stop at the bottom, then run to the right. There are more spikes
and a rising green platform. Get on and ride it to the top. Wait for it to
reach the top and jump to the right. Run ahead and youll reach the Robotnik

| Act 2 |

Halfway done! Head right and collect six rings over the crumbling platforms.
Theres an Octus and two Aquises. Defeat them and right for an elevator ride
(All these elevators would make it extremely inconvenient for Robotnik to get
around). Step on the elevator then get off quick and fall down through the
new opening. There will be a Shield and Super Ring Capsule with a spring, so
get them and spring back up. Head back to the left until you reach the
spikes, and then back, the elevator will be back. Ride it up and head right.
Jump over the yellow spring and keep moving until you reach a group of green
platforms. Take the second one and it will let you ride some cannons. From
where you land, head left and watch out for the slow moving spike-like thing.

When you are as far left as can be youll see a green spring. Run into it
from the left until it goes all the way back, release, and go for a ride.
When you reach the top there will be another spike-like thing that I now dub
the Mobile Spike below you. There are actually two, so jump over them and
destroy the Aquis afterwards. Directly to the right is an elevator, ride it
up and keep to the right. Youll enter an Oil Slide and exit at a half-loop.

As you move forward there are two Aquises and an Octus to beat, followed by a
checkered block that must be broken to enter a cannon. From where you land
there is an Octus to the right. Jump him and head right. Youll enter an
elevator and move down. There is a fan in front of the elevator; wait for it
to stop and go down the elevator to the right. The checkpoint is directly to
the right of the elevators stopping point.

Theres a cannon entrance to the right; break the block and enter the
cannons. From where you land, jump to the left onto a crumbling platform and
run onto the main platform. To the left of there, there is an elevator; ride
it up and head left. Jump over a pit and onto an Octus. To the left of
there, there is a cannon entrance. When you land head right and jump over
the Mobile Spikes. After them youll reach an Oil Slide; slide down the
first and second, but when you reach the third, enter the half-loop to reach
the checkpoint.

Reenter the Oil Slide and exit at the next half-loop. Defeat the Aquis
lurking in the shadows and run up the half-loop to the right. After a long
stretch of land and a crumbling platform, youll reach the boss. Id say
hes pretty hard this time. At first he rises in a submarine. Hit him twice
then get out of the oil. Then a large serpent-like thing will rise and try
to hit you. It will rise again with a gun and try to shoot you. Jump from
platform to platform to avoid them and Robotnik will rise again. Repeat the
process until youve won. After youve won, press the switch on the Capsule
and youve won!


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Thanks for the tutorial. Very detailed as always :)