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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Mystic Cave Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Walkthrough - Mystic Cave Zone  

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============================Mystic Cave Zone===================================

| Act 1 |

There are six rings at the start in rows of three to the left of some
crumbling platforms. Jump on it very quickly and then jump to the higher one
to the right. Get on the new ledge and youll see a large crushing obstacle.
THIS IS AN INSTANT DEATH OBSTACLE! When it rises, go under it and avoid
being crushed by it at all costs. After this, youll see one our new enemy
friends (Thats one twisted oxymoron). Theyre called Flashers, and they
flash. It looks like a small insect with a yellow force field around it.
When the field of force lowers, attack! They are vulnerable in every way.
After the Flasher, youll find a half-loop followed by a half-loop.

Go up both. Now after the second half-loop there is what I call an Extending
Spike Platform. Spikes from the wall will start to draw nearer to you; jump
over them and use the new ledge as a platform. There are three crumbling
platforms above you; get on one, jump to the other, and finally to the left.
There is a ledge directly above the third crumbling platform on which is a
checkpoint and a Super Ring Capsule, get both.

After checking in with both on the platform, jump back down to the regular
level (Where the Extending Spike Platform extended) and follow the trail of
rings to the right. They lead to a yellow spring, while normally I would
take the rings, but you should take the vertical rings to the right down.
What does this do? You just get more rings, youre bounced right back up.
Use the yellow spring to get to the platform to the upper right and get the
Super Ring Capsule. An enemy will jump at you, hit the head to beat it.
Theyre called Crawltons (The former Caterkillers of a certain game...) and
they surprise you by jumping out to hit you.

They are vulnerable on the head, so pick when and take it out. Get the Super
Ring and fall down below. There will be a Flasher to defeat, as well as
large rotating crates to the right. Jump on the one on top and then jump to
the new ledge to the right. Jump over the yellow spring and over the spikes
further to the right. Youll reach a vine hanging above a bridge; jump to
the vine and youll lower yourself, opening the bridge. There is a Super
Ring Capsule to the left, and spikes below, so jump to the left, get the
rings, and then jump to the right (Note that the spikes arent constant, they
move in and out). Get on the crumbling platform and jump onto the platform
to the right. Three Extending Spike Platforms will come out all at once!

You cant make it up when all three are up, so wait until the second is up,
then quickly jump up and over to the higher ledge. There are some rings and
a Flasher to concern yourself with. Get the rings, destroy the Flasher and
run to the right. There will be another crushing obstacle. Run under it and
get the vine above the bridge. When lowered jump to the platform to the
right and go under the crushing obstacle there. There will be a half-loop
followed by some spikes with a Flasher thrown in the mix. Defeat the
Flasher, run up the half-loop and over the spikes, then go right and fall
down to the lower level.

There will be an Invincibility Capsule to get as well as some orbiting
crates. Become invulnerable and jump over the crates. Defeat two Flashers
and keep going to the right. Jump over the red spring and go up the half-
loop. There will be a rising crushing obstacle at the top, only it doesnt
rise all the way; its safe to be on. Use it to get to the left and onto the
platform with the checkpoint on it.

Fall down to the lower level and go up the half-loop again. Keep heading
right and beware of a Crawlton. Jump over the spikes and down into the lower
level. Keep heading right until you reach another half-loop. Hit the hidden
spring to the left of it, and it should propel you up onto a moving platform.
Use it to get onto the crumbling platform in the upper right hand corner of
the screen. Use it to jump to the vine to the left and open up a vertical
bridge. Jump on it like a platform and keep heading left.

Get the Shield Capsule, then turn to the right and jump to a vine with a blue
bar on it. It will open up another bridge platform you must jump on, then
jump to the vine above the platform. Ride it up to the new upper level and
jump over the rising crushers (These actually do crush you!) and head down a
half-loop. Jump over a pit with two crumbling platform on it, run to the
right, and pass through the Robotnik Sign!

| Act 2 |

Get the three rings at the start and run up the half-loop. There is a Bridge
Barricade/Platform that can be lowered by jumping onto the Blue Bar Vine
above. After lowering the bridge jump onto the moving platform to the right.
Ride it to the right and jump over the crumbling platform. Avoid the
Crawlton and spikes overhead, and jump onto the swinging platform below. I
think this is sort of cool, it reminds me of those executive toys. Jump onto
it and then it will hit another one to the side, causing it to rise and yours
to stop. When it hits yours, you move, it stops. When the other one stops,
jump on it, and wait for the first one to send you up. Jump from the
platform to the yellow spring to the right and bounce up to a Blue Bar Vine
and lower the Bridge Platform.

Spin Dash up the half-loop to the left and bounce on the yellow spring above
it. Bounce to the crumbling platform and jump to the main ledge. Bounce up
on the Long Red Springs (Just like our brother from Chemical Plant Zone) and
get up. Get the Power Sneakers to the lower right and jump onto the Blue Bar
Vine above to lower the bridge. Get on and jump to the vine above. Lower
yourself and jump to the left to get the checkpoint. Run right, lower
yourself with a vine and jump to the left of the spikes. Get the Super Ring
Capsule and head right. There is a platform over the spikes you must ride
across to get to the higher ledge.

There is a huge slow-swinging mace to the side; when the coast is clear, jump
onto the platform its on and from there jump to the platform above it. Take
care of a Flasher and head down a half-loop. There are two more Flashers
ahead that need dealing with as well as some rings. Get them and head right,
jump over the pit with the crumbling platforms and jump onto one of the
higher rotating and jump to the higher platform to the upper right. Watch
out for Extending Spike Platforms and head right. When you reach an opening,
fall down and head right. There will be a vine over a bridge you should take
down. From here head left after getting a Shield Capsule and avoid a
crushing obstacle. Fall down and hit the checkpoint; the boss draws close

This is quite an easy boss. It is also a classic and is used in other games.
Robotnik will use a drill to cause rocks and things to fall down. Try to
avoid them and wait for Robotnik to emerge. The rocks will stop falling here
and Robotnik will move toward you with spikes right on your level. Here is
where you hit him until he raises his spikes. Hit him either on the cockpit
when the spikes are horizontal, or the side when the spikes are vertical.
You should beat him with a good amount of ease. After winning, head right
and hit the switch on the Capsule to free some mice and chicken!


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