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PS4 Pro: how to transfer data from your old PS4 to PS4 Pro

Tutorial Name: PS4 Pro: how to transfer data from your old PS4 to PS4 Pro  

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PS4 Pro: how to transfer data from your old PS4 or SSD to the new console
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How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS4 Pro

Make sure the system software on both consoles is version 4.0 or higher.

First, make sure both your existing PS4 and your PS4 Pro have been updated to the latest system software. If you are notsure whether your PS4 has been updated to the latest version, go to Setting and scroll to System Software Update. It will show the latest update, and if 4.0 isnt listed, you will have to update your PS4 before starting the transfer process. Hopefully, the console was automatically updated last time you were online, otherwise, you will have two consoles which need to be updated.
Sign in to PSN

Once both consoles are updated to 4.0, youll need to switch on both PS4 consoles and ensure they both connect to your home broadband network because you will need to sign in to PlayStation Network. For the PSN data transfer, only PS4 Pro will need to be connected to the television. Sign in to the new console with your PSN ID and password.
Prepare your data

PS4 Pro will auto-detect you have signed into PSN on a new console. A screen will pop up asking if you want to start transferring data from your old console. Follow the on-screen prompt to confirm the transfer process, then press and hold the Power button on the PS4 until you hear a beep. This will prepare your data for transfer to PS4 Pro.
Using the LAN cable

Connect both consoles together with the LAN cable into their respective LAN ports on the back of the console. Or, if you prefer, connect each PS4 to your home router, using two LAN cables. The transfer process will be exactly the same.
Choose which data you would like to transfer

To choose which data you would like transferred from PS4 to Pro, you can pick which applications or games are moved across (or just copy all of them), as well as game save data, screenshots, captured videos, themes and settings. Once the data you want transferred is chosen, PS4 Pro will show you the amount of free space which will be left on the consoles hard drive once the process is complete. It will also provide an estimate of how long the transfer will take.
Activate your primary PS4

Finally, youll be asked if you want to activate your new console as your primary PS4. This will allow you to automatically download updates, upload save game data to PS Plus cloud storage and share content with other users.
Heres what will be transferred from PS4 to PS4 Pro
  • All game data,including downloaded games from the PS Store, installed data from disc games and all saved game data.
  • Any folders which have been set up.
  • Any screenshots and videos which have been saved.
  • All synced trophy data.
  • All messages which have been sent and received to your PSN friends.
  • Profile data of any other user accounts that have signed in to the original PS4 with a PSN ID.

Heres what wont be transferred from PS4 to PS4 Pro
  • Any password data. This includes PSN, Netflix or Amazon passwords. You will have to re-enter these on PS4 Pro when you sign into PSN or any other apps.
  • Profile data of any user accounts which have never signed in to PS4 with a PSN ID.
  • Any un-synched trophy data.

If you no longer have access to your original PS4

Should you have sold your old PS4 or traded it in on a PS4 Pro or just want to start over fresh you can skip the data transfer process by hitting Cancel when asked if you want to move data. Games which have been downloaded from the PS Store or PS Plus, and any apps youve previously downloaded will be visible in your Library.

To load these onto the PS4 Pro, scroll down to the Purchased tab and you can select the items and download them one by one.

Those who are PS Plus members will need to upload saved game data to your online storage before upgrading to PS4 Pro. This way, when you sign in to PSN you will be able to access 10GB worth of game saves from cloud storage, download them and pick up where you left off.

Obviously, if you have a 4K TV and which to hook your PS4 Pro to it you will need to use the supplied HDMI cable to get 4K resolution.

The transfer process is the same if you are not transferring data to a Pro, but instead to a new, standard PS4 console or the Slim model.

Nothing will be erased from the existing PS4, and the power button is disabled during the transfer to keep you from accidentally hitting the power button and having to start the transfer process all over again. Make sure the LAN cables stay plugged in, or you will have to start all over again. Also, nothing will be erased from the older console, so theres no need to worry about that occurring during the transfer process.

If youve started using your new console before you begin a full data transfer onto it, anything youve saved to the hard drive will be wiped.

Finally, if you plan to trade your current PS4 in for a PS4 Pro, you will need to format the hard drive before it has a new owner. This is very important.
Heres how to format your PS4 drive
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu to Initialization
  • Choose Initialise PS4, then Full.
  • Only do this if youre absolutely sure that youre trading in your console, and that any game save data and anything else is saved to either cloud storage, or a USB stick.
  • Once youve initialized the PS4, the data is gone for good from that hard drive.

Transferring data over to a SSD

Step 1
You will need to back-up all of the data on your console to a separate external drive, like a USB, before formatting your SSD much like you would if buying a new SSD for a new computer set up. This will save you some time as you wont have to re-download as much data.

To do this, insert the drive, go to Settings in the PS4 menu, head over to Application Saved Data Management, and then choose Saved Data in your systems storage. Here, you will find an option to save your data to a USB drive. Select the files you wish to save one by one or game-by-game.

Step 2
After you have saved your data and installed the SSD in to your shiny new PS4 Pro, you will need to download the PS4 OS in this case update 4.05. You will need to do this separate from your PS4 Pro, so fire up your PC. The latest update [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . Just click the download button and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Step 3
Save the file to the same USB drive you used to back up your data. If you have room left. Once youve downloaded the firmware onto the drive, be sure to move it to a folder named UPDATE that sits in a PS4 folder on the stick. If you dont the PS4 will not be able to find the file.

Step 4
Hold the power button down for seven seconds to put the console in Safe Mode with the USB stick plugged in. After this, you will be asked to press the PS button on the DualShock controller which needs to be plugged in with a cable. Wireless does not work at this time, according to Digital Trends.

Step 5
Follow the prompts to transfer the data. It will take a while, but for those who prefer using a different internal hard drive in their console, it will be worth the time, and of course, make sure you are hooked up to the internet when in standby. It will also go much faster if you have plugged your internet data cord into your new PS4 unless you have a fast and stable wireless connection.

That should be it. If you need more detailed information, be sure to head over to the PS Blog or Digital Trends through the links.


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On current firmware this is very easy to do given that both consoles are connected to the same network


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