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The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 26 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 26 Walkthrough  

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Can't beat Level 26 of The Simpsons Hit & Run? Well, here's how you can do it!

Step 1. Talk to Grampa

Step 2. Drive to the school playground

Step 3. Talk to Nelson

Step 4. Find the black Sedan at the front of the school

Step 5. Follow the Sedan and pickup all of the dropped Pills

Step 6. Drive back to the Retirement Home

Step 7. Get away from the Black Sedan by speeding away

Step 8. Continue to return to the Retirement Home

Step 9. Talk to Grampa

Step 10. Drive to the "Kwik-e-Mart"

Step 11. Collect the caffeine pills

Step 12. Return to the Retirement home and give the pills to Grampa

All done! Just like that you have completed the mission.

Tips - Drive as quick as you can to avoid running out of time
Cutting corners and across grassy plains will help to save time
Ramming the Sedan will slow it down and help you stay closer to it
There are a few shortcuts which can be used throughout this mission. They are shown in the video below

Below is a video showing all the above steps and tips to completing the mission


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Not a bad guide l, walk through was a straightforward guide and it was great with the text description since not a lot of people write one.