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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - All Equipment Upgrade

Tutorial Name: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - All Equipment Upgrade  

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has 12 Equipment Upgrades scattered across 9 Armory Locations. Finding all unlocks the Fully Equipped Trophy / Achievement.

The following equipment must be upgraded:
Tactical: ATAD (V1), Hacking Device (V1), Retractable Shield (V1), Foam Wall (V1)
Lethal: Frag Grenade (V2), Shock Grenade (V2), Seeker-Bot (V2), Anti-Gravity Grenade (V2)

There's a console in certain armories. Interact with it to unlock new upgrades.
Nothing is missable, you can get everything via mission select after beating the game! Just make sure you reach the next checkpoint to save the progress. After that you can quit out to the main menu and move on to the next location.
You can check your equipment before missions when you customize your loadout. Just load up one of the Retribution missions and during loadout customization check on your equipment (for example "Retribution: Aftermath"). You should see that it says V1 or V2 on equipment items. That's the upgrade level! Tactical equipment has only 1 upgrade (V1). Lethal equipment has 2 upgrades (V2).

You get 2 upgrades from locations #4, ##7, #9. Everything else gives only one upgrade. It is entirely randomized what upgrade you will get. It's different for each player, but it's always guaranteed to give you a new upgrade you haven't unlocked before.
Pay extra attention on location #3 cause it's from a main mission objective. This one gave me a lot of trouble. It only dropped in 2 out of 10 playthroughs. After trying for 3 hours I could not determine any requirement for it to drop. It just seems random or glitched. If you are one upgrade short it's probably #3 you are missing. Just replay the mission a dozen times and it should unlock eventually.

Armories you have previously used will have a red lockdown screen and you cannot interact with them again.

TIMELINE (with mission names):

#1 - Port Armor: Civilian Terminal - 0:05
#2 - Port Armor: Boarding Party - 0:34
#3 - Port Armor: Boarding Party - 1:16
#4 - Taken Dagger - 1:40
#5 - D-Con - 2:21
#6 - D-Con - 3:13
#7 - Deep Execute - 3:50
#8 - Burn Water: Refinery - 4:39
#9 - Black Flag: Prisoner Escort - 5:16


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Very useful as well, awesome tutorials man.