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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | Savior

Tutorial Name: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | Savior  

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Paramedic missions involve picking up sick people in the ambulance followed by dropping them off to the nearest hospital/ medical center. In order to start the Paramedic missions you must first acquire an ambulance by either stealing one when you see one driving around the city, or stealing a parked one from a hospital/ medical center. Once you are in the ambulance press (R3) to start the Paramedic missions.

Once the mission starts you must pick up the patient at the blue dot on the minimap and then deliver them to the hospital marked by the yellow dot on the minimap. Each passenger you pick up will reward you with additional time. The ambulance can carry a maximum of three passengers, and as you reach higher levels the number of passengers required to be picked up increases. By level 12 you will need to pick up a total of 12 patients. You need to complete all 12 levels at one time. If at any point you run out of time, die or totaled the Ambulance you will fail and will need to restart again from level one.

The easiest location to complete the Paramedic mission is at Angel Pine which is the area that you will travel to after you unlock the All Dressed Up for San Fierro story related trophy. This town is very small which makes the distance between patients and the hospital very short. Once you complete all 12 Paramedic missions you will also be rewarded with a 150% upgrade to your health capacity.


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