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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | What the City Needs

Tutorial Name: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | What the City Needs  

Category: PlayStation 4 Tutorials

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Complete 12 levels of Vigilante.
"Vigilante missions" involve tracking down and killing criminals who will be travelling along the road in vehicles. In order to start the Vigilante missions you must first acquire a law enforcement vehicle. These include: police car, police bike, FBI vehicle and the Rhino (tank). Once you have acquired one of these vehicles press (R3) to start the Vigilante missions.

Once the mission starts you will be alerted to the location of the criminal(s) on your map by the red blip. Simply travel to their location in the law enforcement vehicle and kill them. Once they are all dead the level will be completed and you will be awarded with money and a time bonus and the next level will begin. Each subsequent level of the Vigilante missions gets harder with more enemies, however the time bonus you get awarded increases. As such, time does not play much of a factor when completing these missions. The hardest part is not letting your vehicle get totaled, or running out of ammunition.

The easiest method to earn this trophy is to acquire the Rhino (tank) and complete the Vigilante missions inside of this vehicle. The tank does not take any damage from enemy fire or by running into other cars. As such, it makes this trophy extremely easy as you can wipe out the targets very quickly by running over the top of them and blowing up their cars. The Rhino is easily obtained from the restricted section in the middle of the desert, please refer to the Public Enemy No. 1 trophy description for a video that shows the location. Once you reach level 12 of the Vigilante missions the trophy will unlock. Completing 12 levels of the Vigilante missions will also reward you with a 150% upgrade to your armor capacity.


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Excellent tutorial! Well done on this


Very in depth, good tutorial Giga.


Well described!

Thanks man.