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The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 9 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 9 Walkthrough  

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Having trouble completing the second level as Bart Simpson (Level 9)? Well here's a guide that will help you beat it!

First of all you have to drive to Moe's Tavern. You are given a time limit of 1 Minute, this may not seem like much, However it's enough time to get to Moe's. Bart Simpsons car is by far the best in the Game, as it has good speed, handling and acceleration. Therefore picking up speed is no issue

If you are struggling then cutting corners and running across grassy terrain will help to reduce your time! Also, avoid cars! Crashing into another vehicle or any other object for that matter, will cost you time... a lot of it! Crashing could potentially cause you to fail the mission, so be sure to watch where you're going

Once you have collected the fireworks from Otto & Moe, you are assigned with 40 Seconds to reach the Springfield town hall. The route to the town hall has lots of 90 degree turns, which can be hard to pull off. Therefore make use of handbrake turns, these help you turn these corners with ease. Also, when you approach the Fast food restaurant, cut through the parking lot. This will avoid you crashing into the big ramp, which if done can be fatal!

Once you acquire the fireworks from Snake you are given 45 Seconds to the Police station. The fastest method to do so is to cut across grassy plains and corners, this will save you a lot of time, compared to following the roads. There are approximately 2 sharp turns on the way there, so be sure to make full use of handbrake turning to save time!

Once you collect the fireworks from Ralph, Officer Wigam will try to chase you down. The goal is to get as far away from his vehicle so that the red bar is completely gone, this can be fairly tricky. As soon as you get back into your car accelerate and swerve to the right side, this will cause Wigam to crash behind you, allowing you extra time to get away. Now, drive up the big metal ramp and make the jump, this will also help you get very far away, very quick & Will most likely be far enough to complete the mission!

Here is a video showing the above tips!


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