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The Simpsons HIt And Run - Walkthrough Part 7

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons HIt And Run - Walkthrough Part 7  

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Struggling to beat the seventh mission in The Simpsons HIt And Run? Here's the easiest way to beat the mission!

This mission requires you (Homer Simpson) to race Smither's back to Mr Burn's mansion, this mission is all based around speed! This mission can be very tricky, as Smither's drives very fast and you are stuck using Homer Simspon's default car. Which is not very fast

Using shortcuts is the key to this mission, without using them the mission can be very difficult. Throughout this mission there are a few available shortcuts to take, these are:

Through the dirt path, just after the Tyre fire
Through the graveyard, the entrance where the phone box is
As you approach the 'S Bend' near Homer's road, carry on straight through the open garage
As you get to the 'Kwik-E-Mart' make a right turn, then go up the Fire Engines ladders
As you go past the church cut through the parking lot

Making use of handbrake turns. This can help you reduce your time taken to successfully get round a sharp corner easier, As you may know Homer's car does not have the best handling. Therefore making use of this can really help to beat Smither's!

When you have the opportunity, ram Smither's car to try and knock him into other objects. This will set him back a few seconds, which could potentially win the race for you!

All the tips I have covered can be seen in use in the video below!


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Great share Maj, I miss this game.