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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | Metrosexual

Tutorial Name: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | Metrosexual  

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Spend $6,969 on clothes, hair, and tattoos.
Clothes, hair and tattoos can be bought from various shops throughout the game. Depending on how frequent you visit these locations during the game, you may unlock this trophy through natural progression. Out of clothes, hair and tattoos, clothes are the most expensive items to purchase. Clothing stores are represented by the following icon of the map . To unlock this trophy, you must spend at least $6,969 on any combination of clothes, hair and tattoos. The trophy is cumulative throughout the entire playthrough, so you don't need to spend it all in a single visit to the shop.

You can quickly earn this trophy once you have unlocked Las Venturas as you will have access to some high end clothing stores that sell expensive items. You will also have a lot of money by this point from completing missions. Simply travel to any Victim shop location and purchase the following items:

Torso - Gray Jacket ($1944)
Legs - Jean Shorts ($1200)
Chains - Gold Chain ($660)
Watches - Silver Gnocchi ($3600)

The below video shows the location of the Victim store at Las Venturas, as well as how to unlock the trophy:


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Great trophy guide. Pretty descriptive.