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The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 5 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 5 Walkthrough  

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Struggling to beat the fifth mission in The Simpsons Hit And Run? Just cant do it? Well, here's an easy method on how to do so

Firstly, you are prompted to follow the black van. Which seems easy to do, however the van drives erratically and pretty fast. Meaning that it can be difficult to keep up with!

The best method to stay close enough is by cutting corners and driving over grass sections, as this will help you to catch up to the van. However, avoid crashing into tree's as this slows you down. It may not slow you down much, but this could be potentially fatal!

The route that the van takes is shown in the video below. The van uses unorthodox methods to get to Mr Burns's mansion, by cutting through the nuclear power plant. He also drives down the dirt path near the farm. This will help as you can map out where the vans going to go next, which can help keep you closer to the van!

If your still really struggling, try to ram the van when you get chance. This will make the vehicle crash and have to speed up again. Meaning you'll be closer than you was as it has to have time to accelerate! Keep doing so and you will easily beat the level!

This video covers what I said above!


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